Car is an essential part of our everyday life. After stepping out of the door our daily activities start withholding the steering of the car. The hygiene of the car can boost or spoil our mood. So, thorough cleaning each weekend will keep the car and your mood fresh the whole week.

To maintain the cleanliness, you can clean both the interior and exterior of your car. The best way to clean your car is to clean the exterior first and then the interior. Start cleaning cars with an exterior body, then wheels. After that clean the interior. In the end, clean the windows and mirrors.

Tools you need to clean your car

ᴑ    Car soap

ᴑ    Wheel cleaner

ᴑ    Glass cleaner

ᴑ    Towels

ᴑ    Soft cloths

ᴑ    Microfiber cloths

ᴑ    Interior cleaners as desired (leather cleaners, carpet cleaner, dashboard protectors, etc.)

ᴑ    Sponges

ᴑ    Buckets

ᴑ    Lambskin mitt for washing

ᴑ    Wax kit

ᴑ    Scrubbing pads

ᴑ    Vacuum with attachments

ᴑ    Q-tips

ᴑ    Trash bag          

Steps to clean your car

First, park your car in a shaded place and let the car’s body and engine cool down before washing.

Gather the tools you need. Fill the buckets with water and wash the whole body thoroughly. Start washing from top of the car to bottom. This will remove the dirt and rubbish on the body and prevent scratch while scrubbing.

Washing the car to remove solid particles from its body; Image Source: Auto-Mobile Decor

Prepare the cleaner and scrub the body of the car with scrubbing pads. Scrub in sections so that the soaps don’t get dry.

Scrub the car with car cleaner; Image Source: Auto-Mobile Decor

Scrub one section first then move to the next section. Scrub in up and down direction not in a circular direction to avoid swirl stains. Make sure to rinse the sponge very often.

After scrubbing before air dries, wipe off the car body with a soft cloth. Instead of wiping off, blot the water to avoid water stains.

The next step is to clean the wheels. Wash the wheel very well. Then soak a soft sponge in the bucket filled with wheel cleaner and clean the wheel from top to down. Wash the wheel with clean water and dry with soft cloth afterward.

Wipe with soft cloth after washing; Image Source: Automozo

Then use clay bars to remove microscopic dirt from the body of the car. In this step work on sections as well. Before rubbing the bar spay clay lube and then rub the clay in back and forth motion. This step will prevent scratching during waxing.

After that wax the body of the car. Take the wax polish onto a pad and apply it in up and down motion. Apply multiple coats of polish rather than one thick layer. Then use a microfiber cloth to buff off the excess wax.

Now it’s the turn to clean the interior of the car. The very first step is to remove the mats, seat covers, and large pieces of trash from inside. Then clean the cup holders.

After that vacuum the whole interior from top to down. First vacuum the inner roof of the car, top of the seats, dashboard, console, and the floor consecutively.

Using brush dust off the mats, seat covers and carpet. Then clean those using designated cleaner and wash it off. Let these dry completely. Clean your seats following the same steps.

Cleaning seats of car; Image Source: Cobblestone Auto Spa

Small areas like radio buttons, air vents, panel seams are hard to clean. Use q-tips and cotton swabs to clean these areas. End this step by cleaning procedure sanitize the dashboard and console areas.

Then clean the window both inside and outside and the mirrors with microfiber cloths. Spray cleaner on the cloth and then wipe off with it.

The car cleaning procedure ends with re-vacuum the interior.

When the carpets, seat covers, and mats are dry, place them in the car and you are all set to go.

Additional tips

Use designated products for car cleaning instead of household products to get best and long-lasting results.

Clean with the designated car cleaning kits; Image Source: Hand Wash

Choose a warm sunny day for deep cleaning your car as it needs to dry inside. Keep your car as clean as possible inside and de-clutter whenever you can. This will ease your deep cleaning process. Use seat covers, carpets, and mats to avoid ruin the attached parts of the car. Use car fresheners to smell good inside the car.

Cleaning your car is necessary not only for hygiene purposes but also for safety. Clutter can sometimes distract your vision and put you in danger. You can keep your car clean and have a safe ride by following these tips and steps.

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