The automobiles that run by the energy consumed from one or multiple electric engines are known as electric cars. There are a lot of pros and cons of using these cars. These cars may seem expensive in the first phase. But in the long run, they are comparatively cheaper to maintain.

There is zero fuel costing for them.  And most importantly, they are environment-friendly. But it is difficult to find the proper recharging place for them. Availability of electricity is also an important issue.

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There are a variety of electric cars. But there is some basic care which every car requires some maintenance. The issues that should always be kept in mind regarding electric car maintenance are discussed below-

Tire rotation

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Tire rotation is an important issue to be kept in consideration. It requires special attention as it has to carry a heavy load of a huge battery and a huge torque of on the driving wheels. Regular monitoring to ensure the tire is not damaged is important.


Cooling is necessary; Image Source: advance auto parts

Electric cars with batteries have a cooling system to keep the big battery cool and avoid catching fire. Make sure the coolant is functional before each and every drive. keep an eye that it doesn’t come in contact with water.

There is a wide variation observed in the coolant system-flush intervals. Find the appropriate one for your car. The fire extinguisher must be carried at times to avoid unwanted circumstances.

Battery Care

The engine of an electric car is more analogous in comparison to that of a regular car. It is the most expensive, heaviest and of major importance for an electric car. It also determines the future residual value of the car. It requires special care and regular eye should be kept on it so that there is no major change in temperature. Moreover, regular full charging is prescribed rather than frequent and overcharging. Special care should be taken to ensure that the battery is not dead . The manual of the car must be read completely and properly  to ensure the proper care that your battery deserves.    

Brake Servicing

Brake pads and discs are identical from brake fluid. The service requirement depends on the limit of your driving, hardness of your drive, the regeneration settings you are using and the territory of your drive. The brake should be used with least emphasis. Rather brake pedals should be used.

Brake Fluid Service

Electric cars rarely use mechanical brakes and get its work done by regenerative brakes. In spite of the least use, they all have normal brake discs and pads. these two are pressed at a time by the same hydraulic brake that is present in a conventional car.  As a result, the fluid gets hygroscopic i.e. it is more likely to absorb water from the air and it’ll corrode if you don’t flush it regularly.

How brake fluid will work; Image Source: greeny fluent

So these are some tips that will help you to maintain your electric car. But these are obviously roughly designed. Every car requires some special care depending own its a specification. Make sure you read the manual properly to sure the proper maintenance of the car. If you can ensure proper care for the car, it’s sure that it’ll have higher longevity and have better functioning.

 Further studies on the specific model of car that you own may help you a lot. That will help you to avail the best care for your car. Don’t be harsh while driving. more emphasis on brake pedals than to brakes is highly advised.

Besides maintenance, the longevity depends on how long you drive, the area in which you drive and how hard you drive.

Regular cleaning of the car is mandatory and wash your car every week. dusting is also important. Don’t keep the car messy. use car organizers which will keep your car tidy and make it easy for you to find out things that you need.

Maintain proper cleaning routine; Image Source: ev.archive

So, these was all that you could do to maintain your electric cars. Remember electric cars need a lot of care and if you do so they will last along with durability. Therefore always be sincere with the maintenance.  

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