While riding a motorbike, wearing a helmet in the most important thing for both driver and rider. It protects our heads from a wound. The helmet works as a shield for the human brain while on a motorcycle. So there are things to consider before buying a helmet.

Types of helmets

 There are different types of helmets for different purposes. Before buying an ideal helmet, you need to know the types of helmets well.

Full-face helmets

Full-face helmet; Image Source: Motorcycle Legal Foundation

As the name suggests, it covers the whole face. These types of helmets are the safest. This helmet is also heavy and warm.

Open-face helmets

Open-face helmets; Source: Motorcycle Legal Foundation

The hint in the name says it does not cover the face. One-fourth of the full head is open and even unprotected. It gives better visibility.

Half helmets

Half helmets; Image Source: Motorcycle Legal Foundation

 this helmet covers the forehead and the half-back head. This is very lightweight and provides the least protection.

Modular or Flip-face helmets

Modular or Flip-face helmet; Image Source: Motorcycle Legal Foundation

This helmet works as both full-face and open-face helmets. You can use it as a full-face helmet and can flip the chin part up and convert it into an open-face helmet as per your need.

Off-road helmets

Off-road helmet; Image Source: Motorcycle Legal Foundation

The design of the helmet is not for highway driving. It is for high-intensity sports biking. It is a well ventilated, elongated chin and extra long on the forehead for sunshade. It lacks sound-proofing quality.

Dual-sport helmets

Dual-sport helmet; Image Source: Motorcycle Legal Foundation

This type of helmet is both for off-road helmets and the helmets designed for highway riding. This helmet is convertible according to riders’ needs.

Design of outer shell of helmet:

Outer shell design of a helmet is important to ensure a rider’s safety. The helmet shell should cover the full head. The surface of the shell also needs to be a smooth finish.

Padding inside helmet:

The padding or cushioning inside the helmet should be comfortable. The material of cushioning varies according to the weather condition of a region. It should cover your face and head gently and should not impact your haring.

Chin-strap of helmet:

The purpose of the strap in helmet near chin is to hold the helmet firmly on your head even if you crash. The strap lock mechanism should only be opened when doing it deliberately. The material of the strap should be skin-friendly.

Helmet Visor:

The role of the visor is to avoid dust, dirt, rain, and wind getting inside the helmet with clear vision. This is transparent material and also allows visibility at night. Sometimes it is difficult to ride on a bright sunny day for transparent visor. A rider can use sunglasses in the bright sun. there are also sun visors to avoid wearing sunglasses. These visors are tinted to prevent sun glare and offer a good vision.

Helmet Fitting:

The fitting or the size of the helmet should be good enough to wear it for a long time when on long rides. The uncomfortable feeling in the helmet for the rider can cause problems. It can be so serious that it can distract your attention from the road and fell you in trouble. So the size is very important while choosing a helmet.

Ventilation in a helmet

: Ventilation inside the helmet is very important. Improper ventilation can create fog in the visor and make the rider feel suffocating. Proper ventilation can ensure the safety of the rider.

Color of the helmet

The color is the least important when the quality of the helmet provides safety. Still, the color should be light to be spotted easily. The color may be reflective if you ride often at night to be more visible.

An additional tip to keep in mind when buying a helmet is, you always should buy it from a physical store rather than online. Since you need to be very precise about the size and fitting, it is best to go and try. Keep wearing a helmet on your head for at least 20 minutes. Then you should buy to get the perfect one.

Since the two-wheeler vehicle is prone to crash, the security of the rider is very important. The most vital organ of humans is the brain, so we need a quality product for its safety purpose. Choosing the right kind of helmet for you will ensure both comfort and safety.

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