The craze of motorbikes is increasing day by day. Investing in a motor bike can never go wrong. But if you are buying a secondhand then yes you really need to think twice. Not everyone has the budget to get a brand new bike but can surely go for a used one. Whether it is a car or a bike, there are some essential considerations that are to be followed in order to get the right one.

First, let’s see the pros and cons of a used bike:

Second-hand vehicles are not bad always. There are potential advantages and disadvantages of a bike that needs to be discussed before going into further discussion.

The potential advantages are

•    The depreciated value of a second-hand bike is much less than the original price

•    If it is of an older model it’s very easy to repair and maintain.

•    a bike that costs low will have lower insurance expense.

Potential disadvantages of a used bike:

•    The bike has been used before by anyone else.

•    You may not get extensive features that a new bike gets including warranty.

A used motorcycle; image source: the honda shop

After doing comparative research we found out some important considerations that are to be followed to buy a used bike and depicted them. So, here are they:

Check the paperwork

check the paper work; image source: pixabay

First of all, give a check on the paperwork. Most of the time hazard is found while buying a used vehicle. You should go thoroughly with the papers. Make sure the papers of the bike are genuine and valid. The valid and genuine papers have a watermark in them. See if the details of the paper match the details of the bike or not. Have a careful look at the legality of the bike, make sure all the papers that you are checking are legal.

Give a test drive

A test drive; image source: powder keg harley- davidson.

Whether you are buying a bike or a car attest drive is a must to give. A test drive will make you aware of the comfortability of the bike. Moreover, if there is any fault hen that will come out while doing a test drive. 

When you are about to test drive a bike you should drive the bike in both the easy and difficult roads including high ways. One more thing that you should also try is riding the bike in free and busy congested roads. Doing such an activity will help you to know what will you be able to adjust to the bike or not. It will help you to know is the bike able of fast riding or not and how well it operates on different kinds of roads.

Service history

A major thing you should be checking is the service history. Take notes if there were any kind of service previously done or not. A servicing of a second-hand bike is mandatory often. There make sure to take the recent history of service. Inspect is the servicing stamp is real or not.

Be sure to take the master key

the master key of car; image source: youtube

While buying a used bike all the keys should be transferred to you including the master master key I particularly mean the key that is usually red in color. Such keys are unique and cannot be easily replicated. Therefore be sure to take the master key along with you.

Check out previous damages

Old damage; image source: crash protectors.

Check carefully if there was any kind of previous damage .the new technologies as like carbon frame protectors are enough to cover any kind of minor damages occurred. Besides you should also take the information about major damages (if any) most of the time fraudulent people sell the used bikes y covering previous damages.

Be negotiable

Do negotiation; Image source: IMD business school

Everyone has a budget. Never hesitate to negotiate. Negotiations are not wrong but you should charge a fair amount.  Don’t charge too much or too low. Therefore before going into such negotiation do good market research and then go for the right purchase.

From where you should buy a dealer or personal seller?

Nothing is free from the hands of evil so there are restrictions in both the ways as well as advantages. Buying a used bike from a dealer provides some extra benefits such as warranty in some cases and also legal protection under the existing vehicle laws. But if you buy from personal sellers then you will not get such benefits.

a car dealer; image source: practical motoring

On the other hand, expenses may increase due to buying from a dealer that is low if you buy from a private seller. No matter from where you buy be sure to do a perfect checking for legality. Most of the time used motorbikes has underlying legality issues.

Therefore these were the considerations to take accord before buying a used bike.

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