People now don’t need to compromise to steer electric cars. A group of electric automobile engineers of Tesla designed electric cars. These cars are better, faster and more enjoyable to operate than fuel-driven cars.

About Tesla

Tesla Showroom; Image Source: Mental Floss

A group of engineers established Tesla in 2003. Co-founder, CEO, and product architect of Tesla, Elon Musk and Tesla Inc. has been in limelight for the all-electric cars invented. These are all-electric cars behave like sports cars. They’re comfy, fast, and trendy. Tesla cars need only an electrical outlet to charge and turn away from gas completely.

Tesla’s motive is to move people toward zero-discharge. To stop depending on fossil energy for a better future is the goal. Tesla cars are not only electric vehicles, have a huge scale of energy clean and storage capacity as well.

Factory set up of Tesla

Wide range of the car’s gears produced in Fremont, California. Tesla set up its factory in the same location as well. Tesla manufactures all the range of Tesla cars here in the factory. Tesla has set a goal to have the most protective industries in the world. for this, Tesla is taking practical steps to ensure employee safety in production.

It is arranging a session of the training program before working at the factory. This training helps to track employee performance daily to approach towards the job. It helps to improve the quality of work as well. This plan raises the ranking of the models produced.

Energy Solution by Tesla

Charging Tesla car; Image Source: Born2Invest

Tesla generates a set of energy solutions to deal with renewable power production. This allows homeowners, businesses, and services to manage reusable energy generation. These solutions are Powerwall, Powerpack and Solar Roof. A product named Gigafactory-1 supports Tesla’s power product and automotive.

Tesla invented this product to lessen the costs of the battery unit. This helps the company producing cell production in its factory. It produces batteries in huge capacity. The amount needed to meet the requirements of production. Tesla creates job opportunities for thousands of people as well with these steps.

Customers of Tesla

Tesla motors; Image Source: The Street

In the world of electric cars Tesla in the name which comes first. Among the few groups of people, this name is something that represents a sign of class and status as well. The Model-S has been the best-selling car for many years. This series was a plug-in electric vehicle type.

Tesla has some obsessed customers who are very content with its product. These customers rely on the promise of the anti-dealership of the company. Progressive and revolutionary thinking, design and the factor of showing status attracts customers.

Model-S of Tesla

The Roadster disclosed Tesla’s advanced battery innovation and electric power train. From 2008, Tesla invented the world’s first-ever complete electric cars starting from Model-S.

Model-S of Tesla; Image Source: Complex

This ranked as the best car in the class in all categories.

The Tesla Model S has the configuration to take a trip about 300 miles on a single charge. Roadside Tesla Superchargers are available to recharge dead batteries. These superchargers can provide a half charge within half an hour. So, this 30 minutes charge can provide 150 miles of travel range.

Model-X of Tesla

Model-X has been marked a 5-star by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.It rated for safety in all categories. It launched in 2015. Known as the fastest and the most competitive sport service car in the record of ratings 5-star.

Model 3 of Tesla

Tesla Model-3; Image Source: Trusted Reviews

In 2016, CEO Elon Musk came up with a ”Secret Master Plan”. According to this plan, Tesla started to produce a model. The model offered low-cost, high-service electric cars in 2017. This made this invention convenient for everyone.

Tesla-Semi the truck

Tesla semi, the truck; Image Source: Vigo Software

After 2017, Tesla introduced the safest and comfortable truck ever produced. This is the first electric truck in electric automobile industries. They named it Tesla-Semi. It can save fuel costs for its holder. It can save at least $200k over 1000k miles on fossil fuel cost only.

These are the trailers, the movie is yet to start with Tesla’s upcoming designs and technology. It is still producing the most affordable car. It will make the products more accessible and promote electric-based transportation. People will be able to save fuel costs.

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