Various researches are being conducted by experts on the impact of automated automobiles. There is indeed a wide range of pros but we cannot ignore the cons too. Though the automated vehicle hasn’t reached production, there are surely going to be an inevitable part of our future.

It’s impossible to have a full idea about them until they become accessible for all and commonly used in roads and rails. It will have a long-reaching impact over industries and common people. But the pros and cons of automated vehicles can easily be estimated. Some of the pros and cons of using automated /self-driving cars are discussed below-

Economical benefits

Experts say that there will be huge economic benefits once the self-driven vehicles are completely estimated to our system. Road crashes cost the world almost more than $75 billion per year, so a decrease of 15% in the amount of costing in crashes will save a billion dollars each year.

Accessible to those who can’t drive

Non drivers can drive even, Image Source: Business Insider

There are a lot of people who have restrictions on movement because of their disability or age. Once the self-driven cars become commonly used, there will be no necessity drivers’ tests and license which means the people who were not allowed to drive or were considered as driving risks in the past will easily get access to the technology of driving without putting themselves and others in risk.

Social benefits

Sensor technology reduce risks; Image Source: Turbozens

It is known to all of us that major road accidents occur due to human errors such as as-speeding, distractions occurring within and outside of the vehicle, drink driving and a lot more. 90% of road accidents occur due to the carelessness of the driver. 1.3 billion people around the world are being killed by road accidents every year.

Automated automobiles will reduce road accidents that occur due to human errors by removing the manual driving process controlled by humans.

Fast communication system

Bumper to bumper traffic jam will become a part of the history after the full installation of self-driven cars. These cars can communicate in between them and can sense cars in the surroundings of them. The automated n braking system will not only allow the cars to maintain a certain distance from each other but will also prevent nose-to-tail crashes to a larger extent. Speed limits will also increase because the likelihood of crashes in the road is reduced.


Computer crashes/ criminal hacking or glitches

Hacking can increase crime; Image Source: Das European Autohaus

Autonomous cars will be programmed in a way similar to computer systems. so there is a high-risk possibility of the system getting hacked due to glitches and other errors. None of the systems ensure that won’t fail ever and if the system gets hacked by a hacker, they can easily re-program the entire system and make the car do anything they want to.

Increase of vehicles affecting congestion

Congestion on road; Image Source: Knowledge at Wharton

If vehicles without drivers become tremendously popular, their number in the road will increase drastically .people who couldn’t previously drive because of issues related to age and health has access to the driving of cars now too. So the number of vehicle circulation will increase drastically.

Some people are strongly opposing the introduction of automated vehicles as their economic stability and survival are inevitably related to the transportation system. if the automated vehicles are introduced to use commonly, there will a call for new jobs. There will be a huge impact on food delivery and ride-sharing business. There will be a huge impact on the lives of truck drivers who transport things across the country because of the upcoming changes.


It takes a huge amount of expenditure to develop and build new technology. The expenditure cost of automated vehicles will reach to an astronomical level at the very initial stage. It will take a long time to be accessible to the commoners.

Those who like to drive

If there arrives a time when the transportation system becomes fully automated, a lot of people will become disappointed. the people who like to drive and take it as a hobby will surely be disappointed.

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