For many people, a motorcycle is the only form of personal motorized form of vehicle they can afford. It occupies comparatively lesser space and can help you to have easy access in narrow lanes and is a great option when your budget is comparatively less. It has a great fuel economy too.

But whichever vehicle you ride, SAFETY comes first. And it is also seen that the accident rate is quite higher in motorcycles than in cars. So safety measures must strictly be maintained. Today we will discuss the safety measures that must be followed when you are riding a motorbike.

Keeping all the traffic rules and riding skills aside, common sense to deal with the situation is of max importance in motorcycle riding. The following tips will reduce the risk of your accidents in roads riding a motorcycle –

Wearing helmet

   A helmet will keep you safe from severe head injuries. Research says that a rider if not wearing a helmet is likely to face an accident in every five-times.

Follow the traffic rules

It is really important to strictly follow traffic rules. Local traffic rules may vary. so keep that in mind. Obey the speed limit to avoid unwanted situations.

Obey Rules; ImageSource: Shutter Stock

Ride defensively

Nearly two-thirds of accidents occur because of violating other’s right of way. so never assume that a driver can see you. Always keep the headlights of your bike on, watch for turning vehicles, stay out of a blind spot of a driver, give a well signal before any change of direction.

Be awake and ride sober

Don’t drink while driving; Image Source: Iconfinder

Drowsiness and fatigue can affect your ability to react. Never, never ride just after you had a drink. Make sure you had enough sleep and not drunk when you are going out for a ride.

Riding skills

Bike Riding Skill; Image Source: Tha national

Get a formal riding education done, avail new driving courses from time to time to improve your driving skills. It’ll also help you to improve your street riding strategies. Last but not least, get your license copy and then hit the road.

Preparation for riding

Make sure that your bike is fit for the ride is important. It is better to find out the defects and get them sorted before you get into the road. You should check the followings to ensure that the bike is safe to ride on the road –

    Hydraulic and coolant fluids: the level must be checked weekly.

    Beneath the motorcycle: check if the oil or grease is leaking

    Tires: check properly so that there are no bulges, cracks or signs of wears in the treads

    Signals, headlights, and taillights: make sure the lights are functioning and check the high beams and the lower as well.

After mounting, get these following checks done :

    Brakes: check the front and rear brakes ( each of the brakes must feel firm and when fully applied, it must hold the bike still)

    Mirrors: to ensure the sharpest view, clean and adjust the mirrors properly.

    Horn: get the horn checked

    Clutch and throttle: be sure they are working smoothly ( it must snap back when released)

Last but not least, wear appropriate gear:

Wear Appropriate Gear; Image Source: TheManual

Always make sure that you are wearing protective gear and wear good clothing that covers maximum part of your body to ensure you get the least injured in case you face an accident. Wear leather clothing, gloves and the boots that have nonskid soles. It will help you to save your body from severe injuries.  You can also attach some reflective tape over your clothes. It will help other drivers to identify you on the road.

So these are some tips that will help you ride a motorcycle safely on road. Above all of these points, comes your intuition as a driver. Observe the situation on the road properly and act accordingly. You know the best what to do to ensure your safety on the road.

And don’t park your bike on narrow roads as it may create inconvenience for others to drive.  Stay safe and keep others safe too.

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