Best Ways To Remove Bad Odor From Your Car

Have you ever thought about a smelly car? Surely, you wouldn’t like to get into a smelly car. It surely causes certain discomfort to set into a car that has a bad odor. you may feel uneasy too if you’re giving someone a ride. But the fortunate part is it is really simple and easy to remove the stinky smell from your car.

First of all, take out all the trash from the car. Then use a vacuum cleaner to take away all the dust from the interior and wipe away if there is any stain. But if the smell persists, use a shampoo to clean the surface of the interior or you may need to go for professional car cleaning.

Besides the common methods, you can try out some hacks which may come handy to remove the stink from your car.

1. Removing the odor of cigarette

Smoking in the car. Image Source: Stuffconz

To remove the smell of cigarette, mix water and vinegar in a large container in 1:1 ratio. wet a clean cloth in the mixture and wipe the car surface properly. It will help you to get rid of the smoke . you can also spray an air freshener in the car as the smoke tends its way in every corner of the car. Preferred spaces to spray are air intake and car’s vent.

This mixture is also very effective for the stain caused by vomit. Wet a cloth in the solution and then scrub it over the stain of the vomit. Work on it till the stains are removed completely. Once the cleaning is done, dry out the excess water and vinegar from the surface using a vacuum cleaner or a simple dryer.

2. Removal of the stain of urine

Stains on car seats. Image Source: Gold Eagle Co

Urine is one of the top issues that may make your car stink. It should be removed as soon as possible. Buy a stain remover suitable for carpet or upholstery from a local auto shop.  Spray the stain remover on the car carpet or upholstery and avoid rubbing it.

Allow the stain remover to rest for a while or as suggested on the spray bottle. Let the wet patch dry by itself. Using a hairdryer will result in opposite and make the car stink in the worst way. If this doesn’t work out properly, you can also use a pet urine remover to get remedy. It is available in almost in any pet shop.

3. Removal of stink caused by mold or mildew

Hairdryer or vacuum cleaner may come handy to dry out if there is any kind of moisture in the upholstery or carpet. Then open the windows of the car and leave it as it is for 8-10 hours or till the car dries out completely. Doing this helps you to get rid of the smell caused by mildew or any kind of mold. Check if there is any leakage in the car to prevent further attacks of mildew.

To check the leakage, keep your car your car over a cardboard sheet for the whole night. if there is any leakage identified, take the car to a car mechanic for repair as soon as possible. If there is no leakage found, the mildew is caused due to wet gear or spilled a drink in the car. Clean the car using an all-purpose cleaner or shampoo if there is any rotten food. don’t forget to throw it away!

4. Cleaning of trash

Trash holder in the car. Image Source: eBay

Make sure you take away all the leftovers, trash and garbage from your car. Remove all the junk items stored below the seats and corners of the car. Keep an eye if there is any sticky candies or blobs of food in the pocket and clean them up properly.

5. Wiping of cars

Car cleaning. Image Source: Business Insider

Use a soft cotton or muslin piece of cloth and an all-purpose cleaning spray to clean the interior of the car including every wood, glass, metallic and plastic surfaces. Use an appropriate leather cleaner if your car has a leather cover. Use shampoo or an all-purpose cleaner if your upholstery is not made of leather.

6. Cleaning of floor mats

floor mats of most of the cars is removable. If so, take them out and use soapy hot water to clean them. don’t forget to dry them properly. The stored in these mats may cause bad odor sometimes.

7. Seeking professional help

If the smell persists, ask for professional help. They can help you to remove the odor properly and provide the best care your car requires. To find a local car dealership near you, you can browse online. Also, you can ask for help from online advisors.

Brakes and Braking System; All You Need to Know

Before starting to ride or buying a new car, you should know about the most important part of your vehicle. Yeah, we are talking about brakes. Brake, an integral and one of the most important devices of a car is used to stop or slow down the car. It is a must for every vehicle for the sake of safety.

A typical brake; Image Source: Pride Auto Care

There are various sorts of brake that are commonly used in vehicles. Depending on the basis of division, brakes can be of following kinds.

On the basis of construction

here brakes are of two kinds- disk brake and drum brake. In case of a disk brake, a stationary housing known as caliper and iron disc is used which is bolted to the caliper. Caliper being connected to some stationery part of a vehicle casts in two parts. Each of the part consists of a piston.

A friction pad holding spring plates, retaining pins, etc. is attached in between each disc and piston. Arrangements are made for the entering and exit of fluid in the caliper. More passages are connected with one another to ensure bleeding. A rubber sealing ring is used in between the piston and the cylinder.

In case of drum brakes

A drum brake; Image Source: Napa know how blog

The axle hub has a drum attached with it. Whereas a backplate is mounted on the axle casing. Pressed steel sheet is used to make the backplate. Its function is to provide support to the anchor, expander and brake shoes. The shoe and drum are protected from dust and mud protected by it.

Drum brakes are often known as torque plate because the complete torque reaction caused by the shoe is absorbed by it. There are two brake shoes provided with friction lining on the backplate. Reactor spring, one or two in number, are used to separate brake shoe and drum when the brake is not applied. At one end, the brake shoes are anchored.

On the other end, some brake actuating mechanism is used to apply a force that results in forcing the revolving drum against brake shoe. As a result, a force of friction is generated between the shoe, drum and the brake applied. In order to compensate for the wear of friction lining in use, an adjustor is provided. Drum brakes are widely used in the making of cars and motorcycles.

On the basis of purpose

Brakes can be categorized into two kinds- primary and secondary brake. Primary brake, also known as service brake is used to stop or slow down the vehicle in a moving condition. It is considered as the main braking system and is located both in front and rear wheels of a vehicle.

Secondary brakes are commonly known as an emergency brake or parking brake. Vehicles are kept at the stationery position by using this brake. It is also known as hand brake as it is generally operated by using hands. Keeping the parked vehicle stationery is the main function of this kind of brake.

On the basis of actuation,

Five types of brakes are found. Mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, vacuum and air brakes. The brake in which brake force is applied mechanically in order to apply small force in braking is known as mechanical brakes. Vehicles such as bikes, scooters, etc. that require small braking force are provided with this kind of brake.

Magnetic effect of electricity is used to apply the braking force in electric brakes. the disk and the braking piston are connected to electricity. In order to apply a brake, the electricity is to be started. This will create a magnetic effect in between the disk and the brake pad. As a result, the brake is applied.

A disc brake; Image Source: Yourmechanic

The braking system in which the pressure of air is used to generate the braking force is called the air brake. Trucks, bus and other heavy loading vehicle use this sort of braking system.

Hydraulic oil is used to apply force in the hydraulic brakes. It is considered as one of the most reliable braking systems. Many term it as the most useful of all kind of brakes. Passenger cars mostly use this kind of brakes.

Hydraulic brakes; Image Source: Giant bicycles

Vacuum brake is considered as one of the most powerful braking systems. A vacuum is used by this kind of brakes to apply the force on brake pads. Heavy and big vehicles like train, heavy ship use this kind of brake. Therefore this was a simple introduction to the type of brakes you should know about.

Flying Car: A New Era of Transportation

A flying car can be defined as a form of personalized aircraft or road able air vehicle which provides door to door transportation facility both by ground and air. The flying cars are sometimes termed as hover cars.

A flying car; Image source: Compare .com

Various research has been conducted in this sector since the twentieth century as people became inquisitive about flying. But it hasn’t reached production state yet. It’s a very popular and common theme in fantasy and fiction.

How did the idea of this car come?

There is a classic concept of flying cars- a car that can fly. Author Ian Fleming was a fan of flying cars. He has mentioned about the fact of flying cars many times in his writings.   He wrote a complete book named Chitti Chitti Bang Bang(1963) centering the concept of flying car. the concept of a flying car was also introduced in James Bond  . it was also added in the movie, The Man with the Golden Gun.

These concepts are centered on a random moveable car with wheels which can fly when required. Directors and science fiction writers have often used this concept of cars that can fly in the ground of the future. There is a varied range of flying cars in the row of announcements like- multi-copter drone-type, single-seat, road-style cars that turn in to aircraft and small flying boats that hover above the water and a lot more.

It’s evident that it is going to be a small flying car that is capable of transferring people from place to place. But it is simply a light aircraft.

Is it safe?

This kind of vehicle is not that much safe as it is at a very early of production. The production companies are giving their best effort to make this vehicle “safe enough” for use and to convince the government and regulators that using this vehicle will not put human lives at stake.

But there are major risk issues. The biggest concern is what to do when the vehicle goes out of control.

Flying cars are safe; Image Source: Meee. services

While using a random car, you can just slow it down and take it to a pause at the time of danger, it can turn in to a major issue when the transport is flying. Stopping the car will not only be dangerous for the driver but also for the passengers.

Ehang, a Chinese company proposed to equip the flying cars with a parachute and is thinking of giving a trial ride in Dubai. The range will be from a sky scrapper in Dubai to another. Most of the mechanics of flying in the present aviation system are automated.

But there are efforts to make the flying cars automated to reduce the chances of human-driven errors in aviation. Still, there will be some differences in flying car driving and existing aviation practice.Flying cars are going to be less complex in comparison to modern jets as shown by the demonstrations of the present time.

The use of Lilium all-electric aircraft has reduced the maintenance cost drastically. An inbuilt measure of redundancy in case of motor failure is also provided by it.

How far, how fast?

It will provide a wide option to escape public transport and traffic jam. But direct route will not be an option always as the authorities may not allow flight corridors for flying cars.

Flying cars are quite fast as they escape traffic; Image Source: CNN International

The corridors should be built in areas with low population and have a less risk factor. It is really hard to estimate the cost of the flying cars as a lot of issues related to safety issues, infrastructural complexes and a lot more. Uber and some other ride-sharing apps have faced massive loss operating some experiments on it.

How long it would take to get launched?

Inside of an electric car; Image Source:

It will a long time before the flying cars become accessible to the commoners.  The research has geared up with the present massive use of drones. But the technology related to flying cars is complex enough by itself. There will be huge issues related to an area if the flying personal vehicles become common.

No matter how long it will take, price, area, safety, impacts on nature, lift and control will always be a concern. They will be used for shorter distance at a higher frequency, slower pace and lower altitudes than the random air crafts.

 Now it is time for us to wait till it becomes commonly useable.

Why You Should Buy Electric Cars

Automobiles that are propelled by one or multiple electric motors, using energy stored in the rechargeable battery are known as electric cars. Being popular since the late nineties and twenties. But the mass production of cheaper gasoline-driven vehicles caused a decline in the use of vehicles driven by electricity.

But it started becoming popular again due to the advancement of batteries, increasing awareness about population and the health hazards caused by it. Its popularity was fueled by the urge of the reduction of greenhouse gas emission. This year, an electric car has been awarded as the “ultimate car of the year”.

Electric Car Charging; Image Source:

Electric cars can be charged at different charging stations, which can be installed both in residential and public areas. Tesla Model S and the Nissan leaf are two all-time favorite electric cars. They have an EPA rated ranges that can reach up to 243km(151 miles) and 600 km(370 miles) respectively.

Electric cars are more pocket-friendly in comparison to that of cars run by internal combustion engines. It has a lower maintenance cost and expenses related to energy. But it’s cost may seem a bit high in the first phase when you buy that. The battery for the car is a significant part of the total costing. It has an average of $485 per year. It is assumed that the buying cost of these cars will come down as it’s manufacturing cost is decreasing day by day.


There are a lot of benefits of using electric cars if observed from the environmental aspect. Conventional fuel-driven vehicles cause a huge amount of air pollution and health hazards. On the other hand, electric cars don’t directly emit pollutants like carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, particulates, lead, ozone and different oxides of nitrogen.

An electric is useful than other cars; Image Source:

But the emissions may partly shift depending on the source of electricity to charge the vehicle and the production process. the amount of emitted carbon dioxide depends on the efficiency of the vehicles and the emissions of electricity.

The battery of an electric car; image Source:

There is an estimation that the amount of lithium available in the earth crust is enough to empower 4 billion electric cars. In most of the cases, an electric car uses a lithium-ion battery and electric motors. These motors use rare earth metals for the generation of energy.

A high power-to-weight ratio can be provided by electric motors. To support these motors with current, batteries can be specially designed. Many cars use no clutch and fixed-ratio gearbox for the sake of reliability and simplicity. As a result of reduced drivetrain frictional losses, these cars have a higher acceleration in comparison to automated combustion vehicles. Besides, it has a quicker torque available for the electric motors.

Electric vehicles can increase the available power by using a direct motor to wheel configuration. The motors being connected to every wheel simplifies the motors for propulsion and braking, which increases traction. there is a thermodynamic limit on efficiency in case of internal combustion engines which is used to propel the energy compared to energy produced by burning fuel.

Electric motors are more efficient in converting stored energy into kinetic one in comparison to internal combustion vehicles. It has higher efficiency as it has namely regenerative brake is likely to recover one-fifth of the energy lost during brakes which is a special feature of electric vehicles.

Special coolers are used in these electric cars to reduce the amount of cabin heating. Cabins are used to ensure a lesser amount of heat produced when the car is plugged in. some electric cars have an auxiliary heating system. But by doing this, they sacrifice their credentials of “zero emissions” and “being green” .


Be aware of the shocks; Image Source: Youtube.

There is a keen risk of these vehicles to catch fire and sometimes can cause shock but upgraded models have tended this risk to almost zero.

Concluding the bottom

Tesla, Electric cars; Image Source:

These vehicles generally have a very high lifespan, but overcharging may reduce that. new models are assuring 0.01% of lifespan reduction, which is making it a better choice than the automated ones.

How to Drive Safely; Some Precautions While Driving

Precaution is better than cure- a commonly heard sentence by all of us. And we all know how important and practical this sentence is in our day to day life. The driving car requires major precautions, especially for beginners. A moment of insincerity may result in major accidents. Some safety rules may come handy to avoid these unwanted situations.

By driving we generally mean the movement and operation of motor vehicles in a controlled way. While driving, a set of conditions must be met by the driver to ensure maximum safety for the driver and the passengers as well.

Driving in traffic don’t only emphasize the knowledge about how to operate and control the vehicle on the road. It also includes the knowledge of how to imply the rules that he knows in the best way. An intuitive understanding of the basics of driving a vehicle and the sense of responsibility is a must for an effective driver.

A driver must be skilled in three basic points. They are-

1.    Physical skill

2.    Mental skill

3.    Safety

There are some important and basic points which will keep you safe on the road during your drive. Those are  listed below

Wearing seat belts

This may seem funny to a lot of people to mention it.  But a major portion of road accidents occurs because of not wearing a seat belt.  So always wear a seat belt, no matter how short your drive is-even it’s a five minutes ride to the grocery.

Wear your seat belt; Image Source: drivelikeagirl

Seat belts prevent accidents by distributing the forces of a crash all over your pelvis and chest, which are the strongest parts of your body. This simple belt may make a huge difference- from blowing away your body in a smash to causing some minor bruises.

Stick to the speed limit

Maintain the speed limit while driving; Image Source: the liberal .ie

Speeding up your car above a certain limit is a killer. Always keep in mind that it’s not mandatory to increase the speed of your car in traffic just to keep up with other vehicles. Keeping the speed under limit will not only keep you safe from major accidents but also help you to avoid a lot of traffic fines, which can affect your car insurance too.

Keep Your Mobile Phone Away

This point is of major importance and should be strictly maintained. Using phone during drive may cause auditory, visual, physical and cognitive distractions which leads to unsafe driving and increases the possibility of your accident.

Don’t use mobile while driving; Image Source: the NRMA

Research says that reading a text causes a distraction of 4.6 seconds-enough to get your car crashed on a hectic day. Always keep in mind that it’s your job to keep your eye on the road while you drive, no one else is going to do that for you.

Turn on the Headlights

It’s quite obvious that you’ll keep your headlights on when you’re driving at night, but keeping the headlights on during day time will help other drivers to observe you in the road. It can particularly be helpful when you’re driving at evening or dawn- when the sunlight has less effectiveness.

Always turn the headlights on; Image Source: popular mechanics.

Don’t Drive in the Blind Spot

Being aware of one’s blind spot is not enough. You should make sure that you’re not in the blind spot of others.

Ride Defensively; Image Source: CAA SCO

Don’t Drink and Drive

Even a small amount of alcohol in the bloodstream may affect your driving ability. And it may result in fatal or serious accidents.  So stick firm to the policy that “No Driving After Drinking.

Sufficient Sleep Before Driving

Be aware of the warning signs of sleep-driving which may include daydreaming, frequent blinking, difficulty focusing, heavy eyelids and trouble in keeping your head high.

Ride Few Passengers

When are you learning to drive and finally start taking passengers with you, it’s very normal to feel pressurized in the beginning? This may lead to reckless driving and often taking risky decisions. So the best decision is to take minimum passengers at the beginning.

So these are some safety tips you should maintain while driving. They are not mere points but important to follow to save yourself from accidents during the drive.

Things You Should Do for the Maintenance of Your Electric Car

The automobiles that run by the energy consumed from one or multiple electric engines are known as electric cars. There are a lot of pros and cons of using these cars. These cars may seem expensive in the first phase. But in the long run, they are comparatively cheaper to maintain.

There is zero fuel costing for them.  And most importantly, they are environment-friendly. But it is difficult to find the proper recharging place for them. Availability of electricity is also an important issue.

Component of an electric car; Image Source:

There are a variety of electric cars. But there is some basic care which every car requires some maintenance. The issues that should always be kept in mind regarding electric car maintenance are discussed below-

Tire rotation

Monitor your tire; Image Source: lou shobh kia

Tire rotation is an important issue to be kept in consideration. It requires special attention as it has to carry a heavy load of a huge battery and a huge torque of on the driving wheels. Regular monitoring to ensure the tire is not damaged is important.


Cooling is necessary; Image Source: advance auto parts

Electric cars with batteries have a cooling system to keep the big battery cool and avoid catching fire. Make sure the coolant is functional before each and every drive. keep an eye that it doesn’t come in contact with water.

There is a wide variation observed in the coolant system-flush intervals. Find the appropriate one for your car. The fire extinguisher must be carried at times to avoid unwanted circumstances.

Battery Care

The engine of an electric car is more analogous in comparison to that of a regular car. It is the most expensive, heaviest and of major importance for an electric car. It also determines the future residual value of the car. It requires special care and regular eye should be kept on it so that there is no major change in temperature. Moreover, regular full charging is prescribed rather than frequent and overcharging. Special care should be taken to ensure that the battery is not dead . The manual of the car must be read completely and properly  to ensure the proper care that your battery deserves.    

Brake Servicing

Brake pads and discs are identical from brake fluid. The service requirement depends on the limit of your driving, hardness of your drive, the regeneration settings you are using and the territory of your drive. The brake should be used with least emphasis. Rather brake pedals should be used.

Brake Fluid Service

Electric cars rarely use mechanical brakes and get its work done by regenerative brakes. In spite of the least use, they all have normal brake discs and pads. these two are pressed at a time by the same hydraulic brake that is present in a conventional car.  As a result, the fluid gets hygroscopic i.e. it is more likely to absorb water from the air and it’ll corrode if you don’t flush it regularly.

How brake fluid will work; Image Source: greeny fluent

So these are some tips that will help you to maintain your electric car. But these are obviously roughly designed. Every car requires some special care depending own its a specification. Make sure you read the manual properly to sure the proper maintenance of the car. If you can ensure proper care for the car, it’s sure that it’ll have higher longevity and have better functioning.

 Further studies on the specific model of car that you own may help you a lot. That will help you to avail the best care for your car. Don’t be harsh while driving. more emphasis on brake pedals than to brakes is highly advised.

Besides maintenance, the longevity depends on how long you drive, the area in which you drive and how hard you drive.

Regular cleaning of the car is mandatory and wash your car every week. dusting is also important. Don’t keep the car messy. use car organizers which will keep your car tidy and make it easy for you to find out things that you need.

Maintain proper cleaning routine; Image Source: ev.archive

So, these was all that you could do to maintain your electric cars. Remember electric cars need a lot of care and if you do so they will last along with durability. Therefore always be sincere with the maintenance.  

Winter Cycling: Things You Should Keep in Mind

Winter is the best time for outings and trying different adventures. And when you are using a bicycle as your transport, bingo! It is a two in one advantage. You can enjoy the scenic beauty as well as get your daily physical exercise done. Moreover, it will keep you warm in this freezing cold outside.

Winter riding; Image Source: The Urban Country

Rides on the bicycle during winter can be enjoyable when you can avoid unwanted can catch a cold too. Some safety measures can keep you fit and make your rides enjoyable. Here are some tips which will come handy to stay safe while you drive bikes in winter.


One of the major problems that you face while riding cycles in winter is a puncture. Wet roads create a kind of lubrication for glass shards, thorns, and sharp flint pieces to make their way to the inner tube through the tire.

To avoid such situation, you should carry some essentials like multiple tubes and a functional pump. Pumps must be checked if you’ve not used them in a while. Many people prefer CO2 cartridges, but they run out after a few usages. So be aware of it. Don’t rely on others for carrying tubes and pumps while traveling in groups. Make sure you are carrying plenty of them with yourself.


A bicycle tire; Image Source: Amazon

Your rides can turn out to be pathetic while driving in slippery and damp roads and if you’re not using the right tires. Tires with harder wearing can come handy in this case. Make sure that the tire has puncture protection in it. Riders commonly prefer to use Continental Gatorskins in winter. But many other companies are manufacturing the same kind of tires. They don’t prevent every puncture but are helpful.

Solid tires and tubeless tyres can also be considered as an option. They may seem a bit expensive in comparison to regular tyres at first sight, but are really useful in the long run.


Winter mornings and evenings are generally hazy due to fog. It is very natural to face accidents in such weather conditions. To avoid injuries in uneven roads and while having heavy turns, LED lights will act as a security guard for you. In gloomy winter days having a light with you is a must. Sometimes the main light may fail, so it’s better to carry a rechargeable small LED light. 

Carry a Led light; Image Source: Amazon

Small, durable, bright and lightweight LED lights are commonly available and are pocket-friendly. Halogen lights can be a better alternative.  It is best to use rechargeable ones, otherwise, you should carry extra batteries with you while starting every ride.


It’s pathetic when riding behind a cycle that has no mudguards. And in winter, it is a must for every bike rider. Anyone who has ever ridden directly after the bike without mudguards in damp weather condition will definitely know how uncomfortable it is to when water or mud get splashed directly into the face, up back and water bottles. So make sure you always have a mudguard and ask your friends to use them.


Like every stuffs you need care, your bicycle does and deserves it too! The clean and rust-free tip-top bike is always fun to ride. A bike always good care, but in winter it requires special attention .

Give a regular check that the moveable parts of your bike like cables, chains, gears, bottom brackets, and hubs are functional. You should try to clean the accumulated grims at a regular interval. Damp and wet weather can be harsh to your brake blocks and rims. So keep an eye on them.

Keep your bicycle rust-free; Image Source:

Frozen bike locks or thaw metal component problems can be solved by using de-icer or WD40. Rust caused by road grits which can cause severe damage to your bike. A good rinse will help to solve this problem.   

Oil the chains of your bike regularly. be sure that the cables are in good condition.  saline water may cause severe damage to your bikes. Be aware of it. Other than these, you should wear proper clothes and cover yourself properly while going out. In changing weather conditions during autumn and winter, versatile layering of clothes is important. Cycling gear and gloves should be of good quality.

Besides, carry plenty of water and food with you. And it’s better to take a guide or trainer with you in such damp and foggy weather. Happy riding!

Things to Consider Before Buying a Second-Hand Car

Not everyone can purchase a new car. If you have a restricted budget then you better go for a second-hand car. It is not obvious that second-hand cars tend to be of poor quality but yes they tend to be cheaper. Buying a new one will obviously be good and more durable but going for a second-hand car can also be profitable. Moreover, the majority of the transportation services uses a secondhand or used car. So are they using cars of deteriorated quality? No, not always.

But you should always consider some important facts while buying secondhand cars otherwise, you will suffer for sure! If all the ends meet then secondhand cars are not a bad choice. We came up with some research about what are the factors that should be kept in mind while buying a second-hand car and depicted them in the following.

As per the internet, these are the most important things you should consider   :

Consider your budget

Make your budget; Image Source; walnut app

well, this is the most important fact you should be considering. One and all have a budget. First of all, you should decide how much you want to spend on a second-hand car then go for purchase. While making a budget you should be aware of the current prices and facilities.

Proper research about the car

before you buy a used car make sure you have done proper research about the car. Even though it is a used one but spending on a car is an expensive decision. Do not go for such a purchase without proper research.

Do some research more than one; Image source: NAPA know how blog.

Deciding after seeing tons of reviews

Car review; Image source: auto

While you are doing product research make sure you have gone through a ton of reviews. Never take decision being dependent on a single review. If you decide after seeing numerous reviews then it will be a good purchase decision indeed. Because two or more reviews cannot be wrong at the same time.

Watch after ownership

Well, this is another important aspect to watch out. As buying a car is such an important decision you must be aware of its legality. Otherwise, this may cause you to suffer. You must be aware of the ownership of the car. Make sure you are buying from an individual.

Careful transfer of ownership; Image source: nefesh b’nefesh

Never buy from a dealer. Buying a used car from a dealer can create legal complications sometimes. Sometimes cars with legal complexity are renewed by coloring and making fake papers and ten sold by the dealers. So, you better do detailed research on the ownership of a used car.

Do negotiation

Never ever hesitate to do the negotiation. Everyone has a budget and so, do you. Negotiation will not deteriorate your standard. Moreover, if you are a newbie then it is obvious that the owner will ask for a high price. Make sure you know the actual price and then propose a standard amount of money. You shouldn’t be paying too high or too low keeping the condition of in mind.

Do Negotiation; Image source: driving tips.

Will the car suite you?

 There is always a matter of suiting right? As a father or an elderly person you may not want to go for a sports car. You may like a more formal one but what to do you if your son is found in a sports car. As you are going to make a second-hand purchase it is obvious that you have a tight spend on something that will suit you the best.

Watch out for any internal or external problem

Always remember most of the time used products are sold due to some defects. Before making a purchase of a second-hand car you need to clearly inspect is there any kind of internal or external defect.

According to a experts, you shouldn’t be forgetting the following:

Insurance of your car

Insurance of car; Image source: service market

Watch out for insurances that have been previously done. Do look for insurance that needs to be done. The compensation method of any kind of previous or currently done insurances etc. keeping an eye on the insurance is being in the safe side.

Internal and external costs

Buying a used car often comes with some extra fees. There is always some cost related to a used car internally or externally. Be sure to inspect that.

Do give it a test drive

Well, this is another important consideration. You should give a test drive of the used car for obvious. Try driving the car in both simple and complicated roads. This will help you to know the car capability for sure.  If you can ride smoothly in both the ways then you can surely go for it.

a test drive image source: youtube


Documentation of car warranty; Image source: retirement living.

Last but not least go for such a car that will provide you a warranty for at least a short time. this will increase the life expectancy of your car.

A Brief History of Automobile Evolution

In Germany and France, the automobile was first invented and perfected around the 1800s. In the fast half of the twentieth century after Germany and France, America started to dominate the automobile industry.  Henry Ford started to innovate standard mass production technique.

By the end of 1920, Ford General Motors and Chrysler emerged as the “Big Three” automobile companies. In the second world war, the manufacturer funneled their resource to the military. And after the second world war, the demand for automobiles started to increase in Europe and Japan. By 1980 with the rise of Japan, this industry became a shared global enterprise.

The automobile had the greatest economic and social impact in the united states of America. In the beginning, it was manufactured by Germany and France by Gottlieb Daimler, Karl Benz, Nicolaus Otto, and Emile Levassor by the end of the twentieth century. 

The present automobile industry; Image Source: business

The age of steam

History says Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot of France was the first constructor/ inventor of the fist the true automobile. His vehicle was a large, heavy and steam-powered tricycle. The model of 1769 had a speed of 3.6 km per hour and it could carry 4 people at a time.

It could have recuperated a sufficient amount of steam power to move again within 20 minutes after standing. Cugnot was an artillery officer. His invention of drill that accurately machined cannon bores was possible because of the tight stream pistons of his engine. 

Electrical Automobiles

Electronic automobile; Image Source: Electronic design

In the twentieth century, the percentage of American automobiles powered by steam was 40, by electricity was 38 and by gasoline was 22. The problem with gasoline cars was unreliability, noise, vibration, steamer complications, thirst, and electronic attractive selling points.

The automobile which exceeded 60 km per hour was an electric Camille Jenatzy’s La Jamais Contente of 1899. Gaston Plante of France invented the storage of battery in 1859-1860. Camille Faure made the electric vehicle and most probably it was the first tricycle ran in Paris in 1881. And after that, it was being followed by other three-wheelers in London in 1882.

The first battery-powered automobile of America was built Des Moines, Iowa by William Morrison in 1890, it could maintain a speed of 23 km per hour. The reason behind the hampering of the popularity of electric cars was the lack of battery charging infrastructure.

In 1910, some private homes, cities were wired with electricity. The community charging stations and battery exchange systems that failed to catch on. The problems we’re overcoming by 1912. 20 companies were trading. 33,842 Electric cars had been registered in the USA.

When were the cars invented?

Mercedes was the first modern car in all essentials, it was designed by Wilhelm Maybach for Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft. Its engine is thirty-five horsepower which weighed fourteen pounds per horsepower. Its speed was fifty-three miles per hour. It achieved the top speed.

In 1909, the most renowned automobile factory of Europe hired seventeen hundred employees to produce more than a thousand cars per year. Over the first decade of the twentieth century, the main problem of automotive technology was reconciling the advanced design of Mercedes with reasonable price and low operating expenses of the old model of 1901.

Model T

Model T ; Image Source: Ancestry blog

In the USA, the production of inventible cars was large in volume and at a lower price than in Europe.  There weren’t any tariff barriers between the states that encouraged the number of sales over such a wide area of the world. the raw material used to be cheap.

This is why the standardization of products was needed that resulted in the increased production of commodities such as sewing machines, firearms bicycles and so on. In the year 1913, USA produced 485,000 out of 606,124 motor vehicles in total. the company named Ford Motor Company significantly overtook the competitor companies in reconciling the state of the art design with reasonable price.

The Model N, Henry Ford was determined to build a better “car with a great multitude” It was encouraged by the success he achieved. The Model T planned design “a farmer’s car” which would serve the transportation needs of farmers of the nation. But the Model T stayed basically unchanged long.

Car a component of the automobile industry; Image source: Alliance of automobile manufacturers

So, this was a short introduction to the history of the automobile that I think everyone should know.

Flying for the first time? Here’s what you need to do

It is a very exciting experience flying on an areophane for the first time, but not for everyone. It can terrify many of us. How to prepare for your first flight?

What to do when you are flying the first time?; Image Source: Shutterstock

We are providing you guide, tips, recommendation and instruction that will help you to have a stress free and enjoying flight for the first time.

How you can book a flight?

Ticket to fly; Image Source: Conde nest traveler

Of course, you are searching for the best flight for yourself that fits your budget too. For that, you have to find the best deals you want to look at several flight search engines that match prices for you.

You have to enter the dates and the destination and within a few moments, you will get a result from different airlines on your screen. Now a day you don’t have to search each airline separately.

Booking A Flight; Image Source: CSForm

To get the best prices you have look at different results from a couple of sites. But to get the best price you have book your flight as early as possible. Booking a month before the flight is better because the price the flight goes up the closer then you are for the date of the flight. You can book your flight at the last moment but it has no guarantee.

So booking a month before is best for you. One more important thing for you is to know that you can fly out with one airline and return with another airline. You don’t need to book both flights at the same time. you can book only one way to compare if you can get a better flight with the same budget or at a low price that way.

Preparations before flight

Don’t pack your luggage the day before flying. It will more be relaxing for you if you pack for luggage a couple of days before flying and collect your important things in your bag pack or suitcase. Label your luggage with your phone number, email and address so that if you get separated from your luggage these things will help you to get back your things.

Luggage, bag-pack regulation for airlines

Follow proper guideline while packing: Image source: Indie traveler.

It is always easy to travel with light bag packs. And do not go for paid checked bag fees if you don’t travel with large luggage and bag packs. Each airline has separate rules about what you carry varies that slightly so it will be helpful for you if you check them before you start packing.

Weight limit of 50-pounds is common in flight but up to 70-pounds weight limit for the passenger with premiere tickets. You have to make sure that you are not carry anything that is prohibited by TSA and pays special attention to rules about carrying the liquids.

How can your check-in, choose a seat and receive the boarding pass?

Usually, the airlines email you with a link to check-in. so you can click on the link and do the check-in process. Online check-in will save your time and stress at the airport. If you don’t get any email by the airlines, then go to their site and check-in there. check-in online means traveling with hand luggage only it means you don’t have to wait in the line.

But if you do travel with luggage more than one handbag then it means you have to drop your luggage without waiting in the check-in line at the airport. You may able to choose your seat while check-in. it depends on which airlines you are traveling in. but if you are traveling in low-cost airlines it may charge you for this. It may allocate you if you don’t choose your seat.

You may prefer a window seat or middle seat or seat near the toilet. When you have done the check-in, you will get your boarding pass it will be emailed to you. Your boarding pass will contain all the information that you will need. You will need your boarding pass present at the airport.

Some airlines and airport allow digital boarding pass it means you don’t have print the documents. Save it on your phone and use it when it is needed. Then all you have to scan the code on the boarding pass at security and at the gate before boarding the plane.

After arriving into the airplane

An airplane; Image Source: Open university.

Once you get into the plane put your luggage in the overhead bin or under the seat. Anything you will during the flight keep it under the seat if possible. Buckle the seat belt before the takeoff.

Air hostage and cabin crew will help you out in difficulties during flight adventure like handling electronic things, serving you food or when it is fine to use the washroom. So this if you are flying for the first time these are the basics you should know.