Summer Ride Essentials

Summer rides are always fun. but there might be drives maybe not that enjoyable when you don’t have certain things that you need at that very moment. So today we will discuss some must-haves when you’re going out for a ride during summer.

While packing the bag, focus on some kinds of stuff (like- accessible toiletry pouch, travel wallet, etc.). they will help you to stay organized during travel. After that, comes the issue of comfort. Keep some snacks, pillow, and headphone with you. They come really useful. Some of the essentials you must have during your ride are-

Water bottle

Carry a water bottle in summer ride; Image Source: The container store

Staying hydrated is always important. But in summer, it gets special emphasis. According to many, Abby William well’s water bottle live up to the hype. Looking for a bottle that can be a space saver for your bag? Nomader’s collapsible bottle is the best choice for you.

Travel pillow

u-shaped, conventional travel pillows come handy for a lot of people. If you’re not one of them, you can try out travel pillow. It is a fleece scarf with a built-in support system . you can also try out infinity pillow- as it takes the infinity scarf concept to the comforter so that you get A grade cozy results.

Eye mask

Sleep during day time travel sometimes becomes difficult due to excessive sunlight. Bucky 40 blinks eye mask, the iconic silk pillowcase can be preferable options for you. Every bit of them is covetable.


Sunscreen is a summer essential; Image Source: Women’s health

To protect your skin from getting tanned and the ultraviolet rays of the sun, sunscreen is a must for summer travel. There is a wide variation in the SPF range of sunscreen.

Ask the dermatologist which one is best suited for you and then buy it. Thinksport’s is a popular choice because of its chemical-free ingredient list and skin-softening texture. If you want your sunscreen to be matte, lightweight and scentless, you can surely go for sugargoop’s unseen sunscreen. 

Scarf or travel wrap

Besides sunscreen, scarfs can come handy to protect you from the scorching heat of the sun. it can also be a great way to go fashion accessory for you.

Compression socks or tights

Sitting for long hours wearing the same socks or tights may result in serious symptoms, like blood clots. Keep an extra pair with you to prevent your legs from fall asleep and aid blood circulation.


There are situations when you necessarily don’t want to listen to music but want to avoid the ambient annoyance around you. To meet up your need in such situations, earplugs are the key.

Earplugs could be a helping aid; Image Source: wired

Travelers advise that you can never go wrong with macks.

Noise-canceling headphones

One of the best ways to make the din and bustle of the roads bearable is to cut off the noise. With the top over-ear pick, bose quiet comfort 35 || can be the best pick. You can never go wrong with toddler tantrum in 15 B. you can also try out the latest favorite TaoTronics’ active noise-canceling earbuds.


long rides can turn out to be boring when you’ve nothing to do. I-pad mini can be a good choice for you. For a bookworm, we think that Amazon’s newest kindle oasis is the best as it is the most travel-friendly e-reader yet.

Disinfecting wipes

The ride will go to vain if you catch some kinds of flu in the way to go and become sick. So it’s better not to take any risk. it’s highly advised to clean the stuff around you with a disinfecting wipe. They promise to clean 99.9% germs. You can offer them to your travel mates too.

Portable chargers and all charging cords

very few cars have USB slots to charge the electric devices. So if you’re one who likes to watch a feature-length film on your way to go, without your battery going down in to double digit, make sure you’re taking a portable charger and multiple charging cords while packing the bag.

A portable Charger; Image Source:

So these are some essentials you must have in your bag while going out for a ride in summer. Essentials may vary from person to person. Make sure that you’re carrying necessary medicines and first aid kit with you.

Enjoy your summer ride and thank me later.

Scooter or Bike which one is better for you?

Our lives in the urban jungle get more tangled up every moment. To squeeze in a couple of moments of exercise and fun, more and more city dwellers are opting to ride a bike or scooter to work and back. Not to mention the growing concern for environment and health contributed greatly to the rise of these eco-friendly rides. A bit adventurous ones’ are taking their bike for a trip to the mountains or a learning a new trick on the scooter.

Bikes and scooters are not so quite similar. Although they serve the same purpose in many cases. Before you decide to buy a bike or scooter, you should get to know a bit more than what is seen. For your specific reasons, one might be of greater utility. It’s always a good thing to know what you’re getting in to. In an overcrowded city, they are undoubtedly the best mode of transportation. So, you’ll make a good choice either way.

Here we listed down traits of bikes and scooters.  By cross-matching your needs this will help you to get the ride you need. 

Saving your money

Opting for either of this instead of a car will surely save you a lot. A sturdy bike won’t burn a hole through your pocket. A push scooter is in a lower price range, an e-scooter might be a more expensive option. But a push scooter is cheap, easy to ride option on the go.

Invest by Saving Some Money; Image Source: Imoney

For a longer period of use or long rides bikes are more comfortable. Scooter is a fun way to get around. Unless you use an electric scooter which will cover a good amount of distance with ease. Though cheaper than a car it’s a going to cost a bit. And is a thrill to ride.

 The fitness question

Very few activities are as multi-purposeful as riding a bike or scooter. It is great for cardio and legs. It’s easy, convenient work-out.

Bikes are better to ride if fitness is what you are worried about. Scooters tend to be a less useful way. But if you are looking to get your hips in shape, get a scooter now! A push scooter is the best option to get the job done.

For a healthy lifestyle in an easy way, integrating bike rides in your routine is of enormous importance. For a little fun, the scooter is more convenient. It’s more exciting and funky.

How long it will last

To be in a great shape bike need only a little attention. Experts suggest getting it serviced every twelve months. You can easily do it in your home. A good bike will last for 5000 miles easily.

Select the one which is durable; Image Source: Pre-workout supplement

Scooters fall short on the life span question. Its average lifespan is only 163.2 miles. They don’t need to be serviced that much and aren’t built to last a long time.


As more and more cities are adopting bike-friendly road designs, biking is now safer than ever. But statistics suggest it is still a grim scene. Cyclists get killed more on the UK rather than any other country. But most accidents occur when cyclists speed dangerously.

Safety should be top priority; Image Source: Absafe Specialist Equipment

Scooter injuries are relatively less morbid. According to a CNBC report they can easily be avoided by simply wearing a helmet. Scooters can’t get on a great deal of speed, resulting in less number of accidents.

Getting to know your surroundings

Breathing the fresh air, riding through your neighborhood is an amazing feeling. Bicycles are so often related to time-saving we don’t use it to explore the cities.

Select according to surroundings; Image Source: Trip Advisor

Scooters, however, introduce a new way to move around in your city. With ease, you cover a greater distance. As a group activity or a tour through a city, scooters unveil an exciting way to look around.

While bike will move you swifter, a scooters mobility isn’t there. So, you won’t be as flexible wiggling through alleys. A bike trumps a scooter when the question of exploring wilderness arises. Scooters aren’t as comfortable to ride through dirt roads.

In conclusion, bikes will make you are easier healthier and cheaper. It might also take you on little adventures out on the wilderness. A scooter is a more urban, exciting and trendy way to move around the city. You should get them both. To unwind and taste what life is all about.  

How to Buy Electric Cars? A Complete Price Guide

Electric cars are becoming more affordable because of the increase in the price of gas. At the same time, with the advancement of technology, production of battery is increasing which means electric cars are becoming affordable for the majority of people. These cars are significantly cheaper in comparison to others and have a cheaper maintenance cost, better battery efficiency and the reasonable price of electricity.

With so many benefits, the electric car is becoming a preferable choice of modern time. So today we will discuss some electric car models and their prices.

2019 smart EQ For Two:

It is an epitome for city cars. It is mostly known for its tiny footprints and easy accommodation for parking.

Smart EQ for two; Image Source: Autotrader

This car is a two-seater, rear-wheel-drive vehicle which comes both in convertible variants and coupe. It is not best suited for speed driving as it offers 58 miles of EPA-estimated range. It is preferable when you’re using it for short-distance travel and sticking close to home. Using a 240-volt charger will take 3 hours for it to get charged. It costs $26740.

2019 Hyundai ionic electric

Hyundai ionic electric; Image Source: Youtube

This car is a highly rated hybrid and electric car of this year. It is provided with one of the highest MPGe ratings, at 136 MPGe. it takes almost four hours and a half when you use the 240-volt charger to charge it. Also, it offers a 124-mile range.

This car comes with an easy safety score and a long warranty. experts give it an average reliability rating. In addition to this, there are 7inch touch display screen, android auto, apple car play, HD radio, satellite radio, Bluetooth and heated front seats.

The Hyundai ionic automated car offers cozy front seats and decent cargo capacity. one of the drawbacks of this car is that the rear seats are cramped for taller persons. the EV delivers an acceleration which is kind of peepy but the ride is bouncy and the brakes are not exciting at all. You need to spend $30315 to buy this car.

2019 Nissan leaf

It is entitled as the best selling electric cars of all time. To add a spark to this car, Nissan completely redesigned this model in 2018 and added a long-range variant leaf plus for 2019.

Nissan leaf; Image Source: Mile EV

This model of car is pocket-friendly and it offers spacious cabins, composed handling, fantastic cargo capacity, and lively acceleration. older models of leaf offered a mile range of 150 miles.

But the new leaf premium can travel up to 226 miles on a single charging. It has a standard automatic emergency braking and 5-inch clear display with satellite radio and Bluetooth facilities. Other facilities of this car are better-predicted relatability rating and upscale cabins. The price of this car is $29990.

2019 fiat 500 e

This model struggles to compete in subcompact car ratings. it has an electric configuration and offers a mile range of 84 miles. It is a four seated car, though the rear seats are tight. It has short cargo space and the cabin quality is poorer than its rivals. It will cost you $33210.

2019 Volkswagen e-golf

Volkswagen e golf; Image Source: Techcrunch

This car easies easy to handle and it delivers energetic acceleration, which is quite similar to its gas-powered counterpart. It provides better road grip as it has a lower center gravity and it comes from the heavy battery pack. It has the potential to a corner which is even better than the traditional golf.

E golf can move up to 125 miles on a single charge. If you charge it using a 240-volt charging station, it will take almost six hours to fill the battery. Also, you can charge 80 percent of its battery if you use DC fast chargers, as it has DC fast charging capability featured in it. 

This model of a car provides a seat for 5 persons with adequate rooms for adults in both rows. This model of Volkswagen offers a good cargo capacity. It also includes some facilities like android auto, apple car play, and a 6.5-inch touch screen. Moreover, it offers the facility of using Volkswagen’s digital cockpit and a 12.3-inch costs around $31895.

Last Decade Branding: Coolest Concepts of Cars

Every year, a bunch of cars is launched in the market. But few of becoming so famous, that people remember and adore them for ages. Some cars fail in the market badly whereas others reach the top char of the year’s favorite car. Some look like they can reign the toughest roads and others seem that they are made for fancy rides of Hollywood movies.

Exceptional Car Concept; Image Source: Medium

Let’s check out the coolest concepts about cars that happened in the last century.

Lexus 2054:

Year: 2002

Debut: minority report

Complex analysis: you must love Steven Spielberg. before minority report went for production, Steven Spielberg went to the production office of Lexus and asked them to design a car which will like it has brought 50 years of future ahead in the house.

All we can do is hope that the car is that much nice and our grandkids would be amazed to see it.

Dodge demon

Year: 2008

Debut: Geneva motor show

A Dodge Demon; Image Source: Motor Authority

Complex analysis: Chrysler used to live in a slump back in 2008. It was sold to an investment group, Cerberus and was told to reconstruct everything. The restructure included value-driven lightweight performance car. with dashing looks, lightweight, decent engine output (172 hp, 165 lb-ft) and rear-wheel drive, the car Chrysler is supposed to be made.

Aston Martin Lagonda

Year: 2009

Debut: Geneva motor show

Complex analysis: before the introduction of Rapide, a beautiful four-door tourer by Aston Martin, the only sedan that was made by Britain was . Aston inaugurated a brand new Lagonda, but only this time this was an SUV in 2000.

Despite all the criticism, this was brought to the production level and they made it possible. It can undoubtedly be called an enduring land rover competitor.

Ford bronco concept

Year: 2004

Debut: north American international auto show

Ford Bronco; Image Source: Hagerty

Complex analysis: ford started their attempt to revive in 2004. they took O.J.Simpson’s favorite car to the ford escape platform and made it super cavalier. It is so tough that it can move in toughest of roads smoothly, even if it’s a roadblock.

Lamborghini concepts

Year: 2005

Debut: Geneva motor show

Complex analysis: Luc donckerwolke, the chief designer of Lamborghini, is surely a fan of batman tv series. The influence of Adam’s west whip is evident in Gallardo based concept S.

Jeep rescue


Debut: north American international auto show

Jeep Rescue; Image Source: Ultimatecarpage

Complex analysis: based on already super capable jeep wrangler, the rescue took jeep’s trail-rated ethos into an extreme level with a heavy-duty suspension, stronger frame, and run-flat, large-diameter tires. It so made to sustain in the most vulnerable, dangerous and tough situations. If you are at a helpless state, you would want your rescuer to be pushing one of these.

Peugeot SR1

Year: 2009

Debut: Geneva motor show

Complex analysis: with some modification in the front fascia, the SR1 can be brought at the production level . having the rear wheels run by the electric motor and is powered by a 1.6-liter turbo diesel, it is friendly enough to the environment to sustain in a world filled with new standards imposed by the government. This car is undoubtedly a road star and it works well enough as a coupe.

Segway x GM P.U.M.A


Debut: new York international auto show

Complex analysis: The P.U.M.A has its wheels dubbed by GM brass dubbed on an i-pod based on the is not that clear if that made any sense, but it was interesting to view to how urban transportation will look like. It can move up to a range of 35 miles with a single charge. with two large wheels in the front and two smaller in the back, it balances two persons on the pod-like a drag racer. though it’s daring to drive it, it’s still cool.

Saab 9-X Air Bio-Hybrid

Year: 2008

Debut: Paris motor show

Saab 9 x Air Bio; Image Source: Jalopnik

Complex analysis: Saab introduced this open-air study celebrating 25 years of making jet air convertibles. It runs with ethanol and electricity. It is estimated that GM would have built it if Spyker didn’t purchase it.

Understanding the Traffic Signals

The signs that tell us to stop, be aware of curvy roads, watch out for deer and slow down are known as traffic signals. There is variation in size, shape, color, and height.

A typical traffic signal; Image Source: Imsa ontario

To be safe in the road, understanding and maintaining the traffic rules is a must. For the proper understanding of traffic rules, there are some methods. First of all, let us discuss the steps You need to know the different categories of sign:

Regulatory signs:

It regulates the flow of traffic and movement. There is an assortment in the shape and colors of them. The most common signs stop, do not enter, yield, one way, speed limit, and different specialized areas.

Warning signs:

Traffic warning sign; Image Source:

Used to warn drivers about the upcoming traffic hazards, risky roads and other situations that require precaution. They are generally orange or yellow and diamond in shape.

Recreational and cultural interest signs

They are brown with white texts in them and are used to signal nearby points of interest. They are usually used to highlight gas stations, areas with potable water, lodging, restaurant, land/air/water/winter recreation, and other services.

Guide signs

 It helps a driver to know about destination and distance, freeways, expressways and work zones. They come in varied colors and generally rectangular in shape.

Marker signs

They announce the number of routes of a highway/freeway or a particular direction a road may lead to. They are usually green or white-colored. Road marks are blue with a strip of red on the top.

Traffic marker signs; Image source: Aliexpress

The methods to understand traffic signals are-

1. Stop signs are generally octagonal and red in color with white-colored writing

At the white lines of the street, they tell drivers to come at a complete stop. Before proceeding the driver must keep an eye on the oncoming traffic and the pedestrians on the road.

  1. Each stop sign is labeled at the bottom which gives an indication of the number of cars in the intersection are having a stop sign.
  2. A three-way sign is usually used at the intersections of three streets.
  3. Two-way intersections are used when there are two cars traveling on the road, one opposite to you.

2. Yield signs are white and red:

 They tell the driver to stop the car and stop if there is any pedestrian in the road.

  • Some yield signs are specified to stopping the vehicle for pedestrian, or there is a pedestrian in the crossroad you might need to stop for.
  • There is an alternate version of yield sign which a white rectangle is having “TO ONCOMING TRAFFIC” written on it.

3. Speed limit indicates the maximum range of speed a driver has to main on the road. The speed limit is generally 5 miles. Crossing the limit may earn you a ticket from the traffic police.

4. Movement regulation is white in color and tells the driver if they need a change or shift of lawes or to keep going to a certain direction.

5. Lane regulations they are generally white in color and they are used to tell the drivers that they may or may not move in certain directions (right, left, u-turn). They are also used to indicate if certain vehicles (eg: bus, trucks, taxis) are accessible for that road.

6. Selective exclusion indicates that the roads are restricted for certain vehicles mentioned in the board. They are usually red in color. The writings are generally white in color.  They are also used to specify if certain vehicles (eg: bicycle, bus, taxi, trucks, a vehicle with lugs, or motor vehicles) are prohibited for a certain road.

7. Parking regulations: they indicate when the parking of the vehicle is prohibited in a certain section of a road.

8. One way signs are white-colored and tell us the fact that the traffics of these road moves in a single direction on that particular street/road.

9. Railway crossroad symbols are white-colored and X in shape. They imply to the fact that there are railroads ahead and the drivers must be prepared in case the rail comes. This necessarily does not mean stopping in the middle of intersections and taking cautionary measures.

Follow traffic rules; Image Source: Public Radio International

So these are the symbols used in the roads and are commonly known as traffic signals. Abiding by them will help us to stay safe on the roads.  

Why You Should Buy a Motorcycle

Motorcycle, often known as a motorbike, simply bike or cycle is basically a two or three-wheeled vehicle. There is a varied range of motorcycle depending on the requirements f the rider: commuting, cruising, long-distance travel, racing, sport, off-road riding.

A motorcycle is a popular personalized form of a motor vehicle in developing countries because of it’s lower price and fuel economy whereas it is a source of luxury to the owners of developed countries.

Motorcycle occupies less space, can easily move in narrow lanes. There are a lot of reasons behind the massive popularity of the motorcycle. Today we will discuss some major reasons behind riding a motorcycle.


A motorcycle ride is among the fastest ones; Image Source: Robert kaplinsky

One of the major reasons what keeps the bikers in their motorcycle is speed. It can be named as a legal drug which keeps you high and takes you to a state of nirvana. The high of acceleration and power that you get at the flick of your wrist is something that is really hard to resist from.

The thrill that you get as the speed clock ticks higher points and the rev meter goes beyond the limit on each shift is something that every biker crave for. It gives the best adrenaline rush to a motorcycle rider you can ever ask for. It can be termed as a good form of addiction when done with necessary safety gears. 

Stress buster

It is really uncommon to find a motorcyclist sitting in front of a psychiatrist clinic. Riding motorcycle takes away all the stress and tension as if you have rebooted your system. It takes your body and mind at ease and calms your soul. The benefits you get from riding a motorcycle is quite similar to that of meditation.

Many a riders’ term motorcycle as their therapist, as after every motorcycle you feel more energized and refreshed. It gives you to go beyond everything and forget every pain of yours.


Motorcycle Riding is often a passion; Image Source: Consumer reports

Anything that keeps you moving every day is something worth doing. For most of the motorcyclist, it’s not a need or a habit, it’s clearly a passion. all they want is to travel to every corner of the world riding on a bike.

Bikers don’t hesitate to invest a major amount of their income for their motorcycles. All the bikers will put bikes in the top of the hierarchy of their need. This is a passion which influences to create impressions around the world of a lifetime.

Health Condition

While riding, the brain gets stimulated and becomes more active. Daily bike rides undoubtedly have positive effects on your mental and emotional health. It plays major roles in stress reduction, flush away all your worries and helps to get out of depression. it can be termed as a good antidepressant that blows away the cobwebs of your mind. Bikes are so magical that they can turn your tragedy into triumph.

There is no fixed age bar to ride bikes. There are rides from every age range. It can be ridden every day just keeping the weather condition in concern. People suffering from various physical injuries forget their pain while riding bikes. All the activities related to riding a bike – from steering a bike to change the gear of the bike serves to strengthen the muscles of your abdomen and helps you to develop stronger and healthier thighs and knees.

A huge amount of calorie is burnt when you prepare the bike before a ride or pampering the bike with a nice wash. Riding bikes require to maintain balance, brake, shift, battle headwinds, controlling the clutch, etc. which ultimately burns a lot of calories and also strengthens the muscle.

Wheels of god

Such tires obviously give you a better ride; Image Source: Millenial Diyer

No matter what destination you choose, motorcycles are always ready to take you there. Motorcyclists like solitude and freshness which can be provided by their favorite destination. One can easily move to places riding a bike.

Easy riding

Motorcycle causes less harm to the environment, health and traffic than cars do. a motorcycle can be a source of travel in narrow lanes where cars can’t move. They provide better parking scopes and lower maintenance cost.

Riding Motorcycle is both fun and easy; Image Source: Wallpapers


There is no doubt that a motorcycle is fun to ride. There is a lot of entertainment waiting for you on roads when you go out on a bike ride. Riding in groups is a lot more enjoyable. And smoky burnouts at the end of bike riding events are just out of the world.

5 Pocket-Friendly Gadgets For Your Car

Car drives become more comfortable when you use some gadgets. Sometimes it’s just a want to fulfill your hobbies, while are mandatory to have while you drive.
For the sake of luxury or necessity, you need some gadgets. At the same time, you don’t want them to be expensive. So here we come with five useful gadgets for your car which will not be harsh to your pocket.

Magnetic Sun-Shade Mesh Material

If you live in a humid or tropical country, you just want to jump into the car and have your car cool enough with air conditioner, this gadget will help you to a long way. It will help the car A/C to cool the cabin immediately or within a short period of time even when you’re driving. It is available according to the model of your car.

OBD Scanner

OBD Scanner; Image Source: Alibaba

It is basically a Plug and Play device similar to a pen drive. OBD Scanner helps you to diagnose your car problems in an early stage. There is an OBD port generally located below the steering wheel of a car where you need to fix it. It operates through an application using the Bluetooth of your phone.

This scanner can be defined as a doctor for the car and it keeps an eye on how all the components of the car is working. And it always keeps you aware when it finds any complication in your car.

This is very handy to use. You just have to open the app and it automatically establishes a connection with the dongle. You have to add the basic details of your car and click on the scanner. The application will list down all the current and upcoming faults in just two minutes.

You have to consider some factors while selecting the right OBD tool for your car. The right OBD tool will support both OBD 1 and OBD 2 cars. Another concern is-many tools have their diagnosis limited to the engine.

Make sure your tool covers all the components: ABS, Airbags, Power Steering, Body module, etc. Many a person find it difficult to analyze the diagnosis results. A good application will make those analyses simpler and easy to understand for an ordinary person. You can easily find it on Amazon and other online platforms.

The Marsee Car Phone Mount:

A car phone Mount; Image Source: Apsci deals

Looking for a pocket-friendly and good car phone holder? Well, it is the one perfect for you. It can be used both horizontally and vertically as it is provided with a ball joint allowing 360 degree adjustment. So you can ensure the phone according to your need and choose the best visual angle.

It has a really good suction cup with a sticky gel pad which will make sure that the phone stays highly stable. It is specially designed to reduce the force moment completely. It will also ensure the stability even in the most rugged road possible.


Car perfume; Image Source: Team BHP

Everyone will agree that good perfumes can uplift your mood. And a good fragrant car is what will calm your mind during the traffic jam. Different kind of perfumes and air fresheners according to your personality, choice and budgets are available in super shops and local markets. You can avail then at a very low cost and they will last for 2 months or 60 days.

Car organizers

Car organizers are the most useful and cheapest thing you can buy for your car. Cluttered things are not what you want to see every morning on the way to your office by car. Sometimes it takes hours to find the thing you want for the mess of stuff in the car.

Car organizers will help you to keep your things in place and you can have easy access to them. Once you start using them, you can find your car charger, aux cable, important papers and other things you need during your drive with zero time wastage.

Car organizer; Image Source: Car Trunk Organizer Manufacturer

There are many other gadgets or handy things like car dicky mats, car seat cushions, pet seat covers, floor mats and a lot more which can make your time in the car easy, fun and luxurious also. So don’t hesitate to make investments on this stuffs.

Cool Gadgets For Your Car

Having some cool and useful gadgets for your car can make your ride more comfortable, fun and enjoyable than before. Today we’ll discuss some cool tech gadgets for your car that will give your old car a renovation to a greater extent.

Car jump starter

Jump starter kit can be considered as one of the best car accessories. It is recommended as a must-have by most of the car experts. There is no guarantee that there is someone around and give a jump when you need it while driving. here jump starter kit can be your savior. you should always keep one in your car. Its main function is to allow the driver to start the car when the car dies by hooking the clamps on the kit of the car’s battery.It can also be used as a power back up when necessary.

A car jump starter; Image Source: Youtube

GPS tracker

It is a cool device to own for your car. it is connected to your smartphone and helps you to know the exact position of your car at any point in time.  This tracker is more advantageous for parents to keep tabs on their children but in many cases, for instance, if someone tries to steal your car, the GPS tracker can come handy for the owner to find his car.

Tire pressure monitoring system

Monitor tire pressure; Image Source: PMC tire

A number of accidents occur every year due to unsafe driving on the road. Tire pressure monitoring system optimizes tire pressure and thus increases road safety . its work is to report the driver of the about the real-time tire pressure by means of a gauge, a pictogram display or a simple low-pressure warning light.  by doing so, it helps to avoid car accidents, low fuel economy and increased tire wear due to under-inflated tires by providing early recognition of the bad condition of the tire.

Magnetic car phone mount holder

Sometimes it becomes an emergency to use the phone while driving. the phone has become an essential part of our life. it also sometimes is necessary to navigate the car or to listen to music. the phone mount will help you to use the phone while driving and hold your phone securely within your reach. they are provided with a simple and effective clip system and a strong magnet to hold your phone firmly in place. they can easily be installed in almost every air vent.

It’ll not at all block your view and doesn’t obscure when it is mounted in an air vent position.

Hand vacuum

A hand Vaccum; Image Source: Bustle

Looking for something to keep your car tidy and neat on the go? Well, hand vacuum can be the perfect choice for you. it can withstand major heavy usage. the nozzles are narrow which is ready to reach all the nooks and helps to clean the car easily. 

The cyclonical action keeps the filter of the vacuum cleaner and also provides powerful suction.  it is really handy to clean the car anywhere anytime. lithium batteries are used to operate this cleaner which lasts for a really long period of time.

Smart car charger

It can be a wise gadget addition to your car.  this offers a wide range of features for the user. The main function of it is to change things at a greater speed. other than this, it finds your location and saves it in the built-in map of your phone.

Car key finder

One of the most common misplaced things in your daily life is the key of your car.  You spend thousands of dollar to get it back and find it in place really close to your eye. A car key finder will help you to find the keys within seconds.

In-car Bluetooth speaker

A bluetooth car speaker is a gadget which you need to buy immediately. With the help of it, you can connect the smartphone and have hands-free calls. You can listen to music and safely have a conversation over the phone using this device.

A car Bluetooth speaker; Image Source: The good guys

Car inverter

If you’re a person who uses multiple devices during car rides, this one is for you. It helps to plug a lot of devices in a single outlet, this device is for you. This inverter helps to convert DC power to AC very easily.

So these are some cool tech gadgets which you can own. These will undoubtedly make your car rides more fun and comfortable. To find many other gadgets, you can go for amazon and other online platforms.

Top 3 Upcoming Cars

upcoming car models have always been the center of attraction for most of the car lovers. Spies take advantage of it and try to instigate the curiosity of commoners. So today we are going to discuss the top most awaited cars that have raised the bar high real high.

Jeep New Wrangler

Expected date of launch: 9 august 2019

Expected price: ₹60 lakhs

Jeep New Wrangler; Image Source: Motor Trend

It was spied during a road test in India. The images taken at that time shows there double test mules with a long wheelbase model and a short wheelbase model. The car was covered in military camouflage color.

Designs suggest that the jeep will be a seven slate grille, DRLs and turn indicators that are mounted in circular shaped headlamps and the wheel arch. both the test mules in the rear wheel feature a door-mounted spare tire. The interior of the car has similar features to the global spec model. some more features of the car are telescopic and tilt-adjustable steering wheel, 8.4-inch touchscreen informant system, TMPS, push-button start, and TFT LED display.

BMW new 3 series

Expected date of launch: 21 august 2019

Expected price: ₹50 lakhs

BMW new 3 series; Image Source: BMW of Mobile

This upcoming model of the BMW franchise takes its inspiration from the resurrected 8 . it also comes with a lot of up to date features but also retains its driving dynamics. it looks a lot better than F30, the model which it is going to replace.

There are some modifications in the up to date model. The kidney grille is a new characteristic that has been inputted in the model. The headlights with their signature DLR styling remains the same but is a lot edgier and bigger than the F30. They have kept the model unchanged with some subtle changes in the roof line and the window. The new wheels appear fresh with an alloy of 19 inches over them.

Depending on the trim levels, the car offers different bumper patterns. considering the interior, the cabin is focused on driver is not functional and fuss at has a suspension mounting, wider tracks, stiffer body structure, damper technology, minimized weight, wider tracks and a low vehicle center of gravity.

The touchscreen is floating and is added with an all instrument digital cluster while the central console carries the buttons. The new interface comes with a BMW operating system 7.0 and a BMW assistant.

Hyundai new Grand i10

Expected date of launch: 21 august 2019

Expected price: ₹5.5 lakhs

Hyundai new Grand i10; Image Source: India Car News

It will be launched as the company plans to reduce product lifecycle by 5 to 6 years and there is a facelift set which is to be introduced after every second year.

This upgraded model promises to be lighter, safer, flexible and wider than it’s previous models. It is expected that the car will get a new fascia in the front. there will be some other modifications too. like tweaked front grille and a headlight that is redesigned. The bumpers will too get redesigned and a fresh set of a rear tail lamp will be added to the car.

A new set of alloy wheel is going to be added. but the tall body styling element and young state is going to remain as it is. The interior of the car will get a new dual-tone upholstery which will provide freshness to the car. The informant system is going to be based on the touch screen.

In addition to this, the car will provide standard safety features like ABS and dual front airbags. The car will be provided with two energy options (petrol and diesel) for the engines under one single roof. The petrol version is going to be 1.2-liter kappa engine.

So these are some of the most awaited and demanding car models of the present time. Some of the few other models are kia seltos ( 22 august 2019, price – ₹14-20 lakhs), Renault tribe ( august 2019, price- ₹5-7 lakhs), Maruti Suzuki XL6 ( august 2019, price- ₹8-12 lakhs) and a lot more. you can browse online or visit your nearest car store for the information about the upcoming model and the best-suited one for you.

Accessories For Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle has nowadays become a favorite vehicle to ride to the youngsters. Fashion lover youngsters love to make their motorbikes fashionable. They style them with different fashionable accessories. There are many accessories available in the market to style your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Accessories; Image Source: Geico

Motorcycle Protective Jacket

This sports jacket provides both comfort and security to serious motor-bike riders. The jacket consists of anatomic plastic plates. It gives safety to the chest, shoulders, back, and elbows. It consists of anatomic plastic plates. It gives safety to the chest, shoulders, back, and elbows.

Phone Mount for Motorcycle

This is a useful gadget if you are a technology-loving motorcyclist. If you need to access GPS, or Speedometer while on the bike, this is the perfect accessory. The clamp is strong enough to bear strong winds. The material of the mount durable plastic and silicon to survive in the worst weather.

Modular Full-Face Flip Helmet:

Modular or Flip-face helmet; Image Source: Motorcycle Legal Foundation

The modular full-face helmet combines safety, with style. It includes a flip-up sun guard for better visibility. It allows the bike rider to change it depending on the weather conditions. It’s light-weight and comfortable.

Full Finger Gloves

These gloves will care for their hands from scratches. It also provides comfort and breath-ability to your hands. These gloves not only offer protection but also allows us to operate touch screens.

Motorcycle Cover

This durable waterproof motorcycle cover that you can use indoors or outside. It will keep motorcycles safe, clean, and dry. It will act as a protective tent and keep your bike scratch-free.

Handlebar Mount

To carry your teacup or water bottle in the long ride this is essential for a motorcycle rider.

Handlebar Bag

Keep valuables in handlebar bag; Image Source: Cool Buz

This handlebar bag is a sleek and stylish leather-shelled bag. It enables riders to store their valuables securely while they ride. You can fit your phone, wallet, sunglasses, and keys and it clips securely onto the handlebars.

Helmet Communication System

Helmet communication system; Image Source: Piezas Cafe Racers

This Bluetooth headset, fixed in the helmet. The product comes with a microphone and speakers. It has a good sound quality which will enable the rider to make calls safely, listen to podcasts, or music.

Lock Alarm

Anti-theft alarm lock; Image Source:

Lock alarm is a fantastic accessory for a motorbike rider who wants to keep their rides secure. The lock is transportable in size and comes with two spare keys and an Allen Key. When possible theft results, it makes a whopping sound and scare away thieves.

Motorcycle LED Light Kit Strips

Night-time riders love this motorcycle LED light kit strips. During the night it enhances visibility and security to motorbike riders. You can control the lights with a remote. This remote is small in size and you can easily carry in pockets.

Motorcycle Cushion Softail Spring Bracket Seat

This leather motorbike cushion Softail spring bracket seat combines comfort on long journeys. The cushion comes with a universal fitment and can. Thus, it fits easily onto several models and provides comfort and quality.

LED Headlight

If you need a powerful light for your bike, you will love this product. This item allows an effortless plug-and-play installation. It also provides its own direct-fit Harley three-prong plugs.

Battery Tender

Another similar accessory for your motorbike is the battery tender. This model is ideal for charging iPhones, iPods, GPS units, and cameras. It can charge other smartphones as well as devices that allows for USB charging.

Crash Protection

Crash protection for motorbike; Image Source: Duca Chica

Crashing motorbikes is serious accident and rider needs protection from that. Accessories such as frame sliders, bar ends, swingarm spools, and fork sliders are crash protectors. These will help you to reduce the risk of a crash. Replacing the plastic and hard parts are expensive than replacing crash protection .


Visibility is your companion for riding a motorbike. It falls after sunset, so some placed reflection will help you out. You can get reflective license plate bolts. Even you can use reflective tape on certain surfaces.

Motorcycle Backpack

This water-resistant backpack comes with aerodynamic technology. It’s a unique accessory for any motorcycle lover. It will enable them to safely carry their belongings on their ride. It is very light-weight to carry on long-time rides.

These accessories for motorbikes will give your bike a stylish look as well as protection from accidents. The motorcycle industries keep inventing and designing new accessories. This gives the riders updated style and safety with a new dimension to it.