The way of driving a motorcycle is a lot more different than riding a car. Both young and old generation has a craze over motorcycle driving. Driving a motorcycle requires a different strategy and skill as well.  We have tried to sum up those .so, we noted some of the tips and tricks that will help you to drive better. These tips will help you to create a better version of you as a motorcycle driver.

Brand new motorcycle; Image Source: unsplash

Here are they:

Riding Course

Well, it is obvious that this is the first and foremost step but by this, we mean exactly a course. Sometimes the teenagers learn a bit from seniors and out of curiosity they hit the streets. And this is how inexperienced and less skilled drivers are seen in the streets. Therefore we suggest you to take a professional riding course.

Use helmet

Using a helmet while driving is not a tip actually but it’s a necessity though.  No matter how easy the road or ride maybe, be sure to use a helmet always.  A motorcycle is a bit more complicated than riding a car and is a bit riskier also. The chances of accident are more with motor cycle and the head is the most vulnerable part of such accidents in most of the case.

Head protection; Image Source: helmet saves.

Wearing a helmet will protect you from any kind of head injuries. In fact, it protects both the head and the face. Both the rider and the person sitting with the rider should wear a helmet.


Wearing a helmet is a must but if in case you are not wearing it to wear eye protection. While driving a motor cycle there is a severe chance that your eye maybe be injured by flies or insects and this is a common fact indeed. Moreover, there are chances that dirt and dust may get into your eyes.

Well, this is the most common and harmful simultaneously. This is why you should always try protecting your eyes while riding a motorcycle.

Wear eye protection; Image Source: live about

Other protective wears:

Wear other protective wear to avoid accidents; Image Source: youtube

Other protective wears include protection for your hands and legs. The chances of motorcycle accidents are more than that of cars. Moreover, the body Is fully exposed to the road while you are riding in the motorcycle.  No one can tell if the danger is coming. Therefore it’s always better than you put o the protective wear.

Defensive ride operation

Defensive wear literally means to maintain own defensiveness. While driving in the roads be always to maintain a considerable distance from another vehicle so that you can maintain your safety. Obviously, you don’t know how the driver beside you is. So it’s always best to be a defensive driver

Do not drive drunken

If you have a bad habit of drinking then you better not drive in the streets. Driving while drunk is a violation of traffic rules indeed. Moreover, the chances of accidents also increase. Drive only when you are with your full attention because driving with attention is safe driving.

Clean and adjust the mirrors

Mirrors are an important part of a bike ride. You need to keep a constant touch with the mirrors. Adjusting the mirrors properly creates effective communication between you and the road.  You need to clean and adjust the mirrors properly so that you are able to see if any careless rider is around you. And this is you how can get rid of the upcoming uncertainties

Check the clutch and the horn:

Check very carefully; Image Source: rnd moto

Clutch and horn are other important parts that you need to check right away. Before starting your ride do check the horn and clutch if they are working properly. There is you check it properly there won’t be any uncertain problem.

Checking other components

Here other components include checking your motorcycle fully starting from your brake to the engine. Do regular servicing as per your motorcycles requirement and maintain a cleaning routine. Make sure that each and every part are worth functioning. And yes do not drive faulty motorcycles in the streets as motorcycle accidents are a severe case.

 Therefore these were some quick tips and tricks that are worth helping each and every motor cycle driver whether you are a beginner or an experienced one.

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