If you have a car and your car isn’t connected to the tracking system then yes you are lagging behind. In this super-fast age, vehicle tracking is as important as buying a vehicle itself. If your car is somehow driven by your family driver on your behalf of you must keep up with tracking services. If you are not around someone else is driving your car then it is very important to keep pace with the location of your car.

vehicle tracking system; image source: youtube

You may not find your stolen car even doing a police case sometimes. Car theft has become so updated and frequent that nowadays tracking your vehicle is a must. Losing such an expensive vehicle is such a loss and financial draining at the same time. Therefore we came up with some of the ways in which you can track your vehicles easily.

Cars or vehicles with GPS

Well, GPS is the global positioning system. This system allows you to track your location anytime, anywhere. Most of the cars nowadays have a built-in global positioning system. Having a GPS based vehicle or car can be termed to have an advanced feature.

As per data, GPS can track the location of various vehicles at a time. A GPS system works smoothly without being wrong. The modern cars or vehicles have a GPS device location tracker that tracks location. The device needs to be connected to software via gsm network. Here you need to install software which will help you to see your exact location of your vehicle.

GPS used in a car; Image source: your mechanic.

How it works

a GPS device is installed in your car has software as well. That software will collect some data as well as some photos of your location to view it to the screen.

How it tracks

The GPS tracking device will collect and process data to the software that is installed through the GSM network. GSM is the global system for mobile communication.

Easy to track your vehicle; Image Source: trackinggene.com

If your connection is somehow lost then the data isn’t lost. The data that is collected remains safe in the internal memory of the device. Later on when the network becomes available the collected pictures and information are shown in your computer, mobile or pc whatever method you are using.

Where It is used

The use of such tracking systems is getting popular day by day. Most of the modernize vehicles and developed countries use GPS systems on a regular basis and it is a common phenomenon. Besides personal uses, most of the developed countries and updated industries use such tracking services in their transportation system.

Can I track my Vehicle even if I don’t have a GPS?

According to questions answeredthere are actually ways you can track your vehicle without GPS. As told before most of the modernized vehicles these days have a GPS system. But what if you can’t afford an expensive vehicle having such a feature? What is the way then? As the number of vehicle stealing has increased and not everyone can afford an expensive one, there are ways to help you out.

So, here are some easy ways to track your vehicle even if you don’t have a GPS device installed:

Usage of radio receiver

radio receiver ; image source: video blocks

This is one of the most common and oldest forms of the tracking device. In such a process a transmitter is placed in the vehicle. Her the car or the vehicle is driven the transmitter sends signals to the receiver but without telling the location. Here you need to have a power source.

Identification through radio frequency

RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION orRFID has lesser tags compared to a standard transmitter but a good amount of object can be tagged with the chip. The location can be identified with antenna or radio frequency.

Roadside devices

There is a roadside camera like devices the main job of which is to determine the license of a vehicle. Such roadside devices can effectively track the location of your device.

Road side cameras for checking vehicle licensing; Image Source: APH.com

Devices having cellular signals

If you don’t have a built-in GPS system in your car then this is another good way of tracking the location of your device. Here an object is placed in your vehicle which needs not to be installed but can transmit signals. This will effectively tell you the location of your vehicle.

But honestly having a GPS system installed is the best way you can go for. Having a built-in GPS system is being on the safe side.

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