Hit the streets with your bike only when you are an expert in it. Riding a bike is one of the most enjoyable ride and good for at the same time.  Therefore it is actually important to know how to ride a bike safely. So we have done competitive research on the considerations that you and I should be following for safe bike ride.

Risky motorcycle riding; Image source: slash gear

Learn driving:

First of all, learn to ride a bike. Riding a bike seems to be very easy but you need to learn first! There are youngsters who out of curiosity want to ride bikes without being properly trained. Besides, there are tips and tricks which will make you a better driver that you must learn or road safety.

Get your license done:

an application for a driving licence; image source: motoring research

Though it is one of the primary steps of driving the reason I am saying this is unlicensed vehicles are mostly faulty vehicles. Faulty vehicles are one of the main reasons for bike accidents. Therefore if the license of your vehicle is done then you have the green card already.

Check your bike:

Bike accidents are increasing day by day and two major reasons are unawareness and faulty vehicle. Before putting our bike on the streets make sure that your vehicle is working properly. Check each and every part with great care. A faulty vehicle is a threat for both the roads and you. Check the break, clutches, seats, engine and so on very carefully. Do not overlook any kind of fault. Make sure your motorcycle is in a good riding condition by :

•    Checking each tyre if there is any kind of bulges cracks or defects or not. Be sure not to have them when its time to ride

•    Lookout for any kind of oil, grease or gas leakage. If so happens then find ways to prevent them.

•    The presence of fluids should be checked on a regularly specifically on a weekly basis.

•    Make sure that the headlights of your bike are fully functioning.

•    Check out the clutch and throttle so that they are working smoothly

•    Clean and adjust the mirror to avoid any kind of upcoming inconvenience

•    Check both the horn and brake very carefully. When you will check the brake it should have a firm feeling. Each and every time you go out with your motorbike to make it obvious to check them. And yes do check your horn if it sounds good or not.

Helmet and protective wear:

Helmet and protective wear; image source: willens law offices

Most of the injuries that are caused due to bike accidents or riding bike are head injuries. Head injuries become very critical if preventive measures are not taken properly. Therefore the best way is to be cautious. While riding a bike it is mandatory to wear a helmet. If you are two persons riding on a bike then both of you should wear helmets. Besides helmets, there are some other protective wears that you should put on as like sunglass or eye protection, hand gloves, etc.

Strictly follow the rules:

traffic rules; image source: wakeup Bangladesh

Traffic rules are the same for all. But the rules may be different from the perspective of a bike rider and a car driver. One major thing to follow is to drive maintain the speed. Controlling the speed of the bike may be different from that of car. If you drive maintaining a speed limit then it will be much easier to stop in case of an emergency. Besides maintain the traffic rules here to stop minimize or maximize speed, where and when to show license. And yes always take the license and legal papers with you. Don’t ride without them.

Ride carefully maintaining defensiveness:

result of not maintaining defensiveness; image source: legendary speed

Always maintain defensiveness. You should always watch after other rides and maintain defensive actions especially in highways, highways are never a road of security. Your security should remain to give yourself. Always try to advance signals and maintain advance actions to aware other vehicles especially before turning.

 Don’t drive drunk:

a consequence of drunk driving; Image source: liggett law group

Driving a bike is sometimes risking your life. Being sober while driving is a mandatory fact. Majority of the drunken driver seem to fall in hazards including severe accidents. Moreover, you should not drive if you are sick or tired. Being tired or sick may lead to driving complicacy.

Therefore these were the important cautionary steps that should be taken to drive a bike safely. Driving a bike is riskier than driving any other vehicle. But if you follow the above considerations then yes you can do it. So, this was how you can ride a bike safely.s

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