Precaution is better than cure- a commonly heard sentence by all of us. And we all know how important and practical this sentence is in our day to day life. The driving car requires major precautions, especially for beginners. A moment of insincerity may result in major accidents. Some safety rules may come handy to avoid these unwanted situations.

By driving we generally mean the movement and operation of motor vehicles in a controlled way. While driving, a set of conditions must be met by the driver to ensure maximum safety for the driver and the passengers as well.

Driving in traffic don’t only emphasize the knowledge about how to operate and control the vehicle on the road. It also includes the knowledge of how to imply the rules that he knows in the best way. An intuitive understanding of the basics of driving a vehicle and the sense of responsibility is a must for an effective driver.

A driver must be skilled in three basic points. They are-

1.    Physical skill

2.    Mental skill

3.    Safety

There are some important and basic points which will keep you safe on the road during your drive. Those are  listed below

Wearing seat belts

This may seem funny to a lot of people to mention it.  But a major portion of road accidents occurs because of not wearing a seat belt.  So always wear a seat belt, no matter how short your drive is-even it’s a five minutes ride to the grocery.

Wear your seat belt; Image Source: drivelikeagirl

Seat belts prevent accidents by distributing the forces of a crash all over your pelvis and chest, which are the strongest parts of your body. This simple belt may make a huge difference- from blowing away your body in a smash to causing some minor bruises.

Stick to the speed limit

Maintain the speed limit while driving; Image Source: the liberal .ie

Speeding up your car above a certain limit is a killer. Always keep in mind that it’s not mandatory to increase the speed of your car in traffic just to keep up with other vehicles. Keeping the speed under limit will not only keep you safe from major accidents but also help you to avoid a lot of traffic fines, which can affect your car insurance too.

Keep Your Mobile Phone Away

This point is of major importance and should be strictly maintained. Using phone during drive may cause auditory, visual, physical and cognitive distractions which leads to unsafe driving and increases the possibility of your accident.

Don’t use mobile while driving; Image Source: the NRMA

Research says that reading a text causes a distraction of 4.6 seconds-enough to get your car crashed on a hectic day. Always keep in mind that it’s your job to keep your eye on the road while you drive, no one else is going to do that for you.

Turn on the Headlights

It’s quite obvious that you’ll keep your headlights on when you’re driving at night, but keeping the headlights on during day time will help other drivers to observe you in the road. It can particularly be helpful when you’re driving at evening or dawn- when the sunlight has less effectiveness.

Always turn the headlights on; Image Source: popular mechanics.

Don’t Drive in the Blind Spot

Being aware of one’s blind spot is not enough. You should make sure that you’re not in the blind spot of others.

Ride Defensively; Image Source: CAA SCO

Don’t Drink and Drive

Even a small amount of alcohol in the bloodstream may affect your driving ability. And it may result in fatal or serious accidents.  So stick firm to the policy that “No Driving After Drinking.

Sufficient Sleep Before Driving

Be aware of the warning signs of sleep-driving which may include daydreaming, frequent blinking, difficulty focusing, heavy eyelids and trouble in keeping your head high.

Ride Few Passengers

When are you learning to drive and finally start taking passengers with you, it’s very normal to feel pressurized in the beginning? This may lead to reckless driving and often taking risky decisions. So the best decision is to take minimum passengers at the beginning.

So these are some safety tips you should maintain while driving. They are not mere points but important to follow to save yourself from accidents during the drive.

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