If you are a travel freak and prefer to go out on long bike rides randomly, road bikes are perfect for you. These bikes are specially made for fast traveling on paved roads.

A roadbike ; imagesource: REI co- op

Road bikes provide you a scope to meet up new people, improve your fitness and a break from those speedy automobiles. Road biking offers you efficiency, speed, and agility. While choosing the best road bike for you, you should consider some factors like- budget, style, brand and a lot more.
Here are some advice you can keep into consideration while buying road bikes.
So first of all, let’s distinguish road bikes from touring, mountain, commuting and hybrid bikes.


  1. Designed for surfaces that are paved (bike paths, roads); it’s not all recommended for uneven and unpaved surfaces.
  2. It allows a biker to ride smoother and faster than any other types of bike.
  3. Specially intended for fitness freaks, competitive and competitive riders.
  4. Suitable for multiday touring, though doesn’t allow heavy loading.
  5. A very light frame, components, and wheels.
  6. Narrow tires and wheels
  7. A curled handlebar, whereas some may have flat one similar to mountain bikes.
  8. No suspension ( rear or front)
  9. A carbon fiber composite front fork.
    There are some important facts you need to keep in mind while buying the best road bike for you. Those facts are

Frame geometry

The frame of a bike ; image source: bike radar

The road bikes are more likely to have a sport geometry. The steering is more relaxed and the riding position is more upright in comparison to a performance bike. Road bikes with flat bar have similarity with bikes having sport geometry but is provided with a more upright riding position. This bike is popular for commuting.

Frame Materials

Aluminum or carbon fiber is more preferable. If the lightest and strongest is your choice, the carbon fiber is the best option for you. If you are looking for fitness and fun ride with no aspiration of being the fastest, aluminum frame is the perfect one for you.

Crank Sets and Gearing

Gearing is the most concerning factor while buying road bikes. Now let’s discuss crankset. Cranksets can be of varied kinds -double, triple or compact cranksets depending on the number and size of chainrings.

A triple crankset has 3 chainrings; often paired with 9-speed cassette on the rear wheel giving it 27 gears in total. it’s the most common kind of gear that provides a wide range of gears for cyclists.

Compactor double cranksets have two upfront chainrings paired with 10-speed cassette in the back for a total of 20 gears. You can choose triplet or compact crankset if you are new to road cycling or going to ride steeper plains and hills. Strong and flat road riders should preferably use double.


Pedals; Image Source: halfords

Platform pedals are found in basic bikes, often with toe cages. But for your comfort, you can get it customized. If efficient paddling is what you’re looking for, clip-in or cycling shoes pedals are perfect for you. there are a lot of brands offering different sort of models. Better bearing, less weight, and lower friction comes with a higher price.

Gear shifters and brake levers

Make sure you have a good grip on the handlebars while changing and braking gears. If your hands are comparatively smaller, ask if their levers are provided with reach adjustment and it’s working procedure.

Chain ring teeth

Bike chain-ring teeth; image source: bike components

It influences the gearing range of a bike. the highest gear has 11/12 teeth whereas the range maybe 23/28 incase of lowest gear.
Changing the rear cassette is relatively pocket-friendly in order to change your bike’s gearing.


Wheels ; image source: roadcc.com

Wheels have a major impact on your bike. Always try to upgrade your wheelset once you own a bike .it should be kept in mind that, an upgraded version of a bike can afford a faster and lighter wheel. Make sure that your investment gives you a lighter bike weight and increased response.

But the most important factor to be considered is your budget. Make sure your every penny is worth it. don’t hesitate to invest on stuff that can make your bike riding enjoyable. happy travelling !

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