By automated driving system, we mean a complex combination of some components which can be defined as systems where perception, operation of the automobile and decision making are operated by machinery and electronics instead of a human driver. It also includes destination, handling of vehicle as well as awareness of the surroundings. Though it has full control over the vehicle, it allows human control in operation.

Automated Driving System. Image Source: Forbes

It is an integrated package of an individual automated system that operates in concert. It implies to the decision that you have left your responsibilities as a driver and left it over the vehicle automation system. Initially, the driver has to start the automated system and therefore may or may not leave the responsibilities of driving over the system when the situation is under the control of the system.

The automated driving system provides not only challenges but also opportunities in the highways. One of the most popular automated driving systems under operation at present is the google self-driving system. Since 2009, Google has been working to develop self-driving or automated driving system and testing them on the roads under the supervision of its employees.

First of all, they started their experiments in the secretive lab of the company, namely X lab run by co-founder Sergey Brin. Sebastian Thrun-the founder of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and co-inventor of google street view, originally lead the project  The vehicles have faced major crashes which keeps the safety issues of automated vehicles in doubt.

Google’s self driving cars. Image Source: Business Insider

Several narrations released by google were coded to detect the severity and the number of crashes the google car has faced. The crash rates per million vehicle miles traveled (VMT) was used to identify the severity of the crashes and if they were severe enough to report to the police. The rates of crashes and their severity was compared to that of human drivers. The types of crashes were also compared.

It is seen from the analysis of the data that google cars has faced a much less number of crashes per million VMT reportable to the police than human-driven cars in mountain views, cliffs, during 2009-2015 (2.19 vs 6.06). But the analysis of the data is not statistically significant. The most common type of accident that the google car has faced is when they got rear-ended by other human-driven cars. The automated google car was responsible for only one of all the accidents.

Car crash. Image Source: The Atlantic

The results show that google automated cars are comparatively safer than conventional passenger-carrying human-driven vehicles. though the information is insufficient to fully examine the acceptability of the results. The main goal of google is to increase car utilization from 10% to 75%+ through facilitating sharing. Which means fewer cars on the road.

The car will be constructed using steel, glass, an interior, a drivetrain and other regular components used for the construction of the car. But there will be some massive changes in the construction. For example, the front-facing seats will not be mandatory anymore, it will become an option then.

Alterations are expected in Google’s self driving cars. Image Source: The Atlantic

As cars will be smaller in size, the number of parking lots and spaces will decrease drastically. That would put downward pressure on the real estate business holders as the supply will increase. The urban areas will be greener and there will be fewer number of cars on the road.

The people engaged in jobs of fuel factory-like chevron corp, BP plc, will have a fluctuation in their jobs.WAYMO is presently working in collaboration with Google. Google cars will work in a very simple process. You need to type or identify your location in the interface of your car and you help you to reach your destination. Besides, there are several specialist disagreements for the results.

There are some dark sides of these vehicles too. A large number of automakers, dealers, suppliers, parking companies, insurers and other people related to car enterprise will lose their job. the government will lose a major amount of revenue that could be earned from providing license, tax, and tolls.

 The impacts might be good or bad, but they are coming soon, though their implications will take ages. It may have bright and dark sides, but which gets it side heavier will soon be seen after their launch.

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