Whether your car is a new one or a used there is some common problem that is faced by almost the majority of the people. These problems tend to happen with almost every one. as these problems may take place with any of you then you should obviously know the ways  to solve them. We in this article have listed some of the most common problems and how to solve them.

Second hand versus brand new car; Image Source: birchwood credit solutions

Majority of the people have a tight budget while buying a car that is why people like to spend in used cars when there is a marginal budget. It is not like that at all that a used car Is always less facilitated but if you are buying a car that has been used for three or more years then you could be doing wrong. It has been seen That used cars are sometimes much more problematic.

A problematic car; Image source: total car collection

So, here are the common problems and its  solutions from various Sources :

Problems related to engine

Well, engine is the most important thing on which your car is going to run. A engine is such a complicated device to take care of right? If you are not professional r a person with a lot knowledge on cars then it would be much difficult to maintain the engine.

Car engine; Image source: youtube.

An engine requires the most care among the most other devices that are placed in your car. It needs regular and efficient care otherwise problems like higher smoke discharge, low compression, perishing of materials like belts happens fast. The only way to get rid of it is a good engine maintenance.

On the other hand another most common problem is the overheating of engine. This is the problem that happens to almost one and all. But the reason may not be the same always. The major reason behind this may be that there is not enough coolant in your system may be your car needs a bit more of it. Or, your radiator fan is not working well at all. Therefore before you go for repair find out the proper cause. And this is how you can keep pace with a healthy engine.

Problems related to wheels and tires

Problems of tire; image source: revolution automative services.

 The tires and wheels of your car are the second reason why your car is running. Infact, they do the most difficult part. The tires and wheels are of metals like aluminum or alloy. As aluminum and alloy rust over time the life expectancy of the tire decreases. A total damage of tyres and wheel requires change of tyres. But you can be in the safe side if you take proper care of your tyres.


car lighting; image source: dhgate.com

 The headlights does a lot of work and a simple unconsciousness while driving can cause breakage of your light. The most common way to solve them is to be conscious as much as possible while driving


The color of cars does not remain the same as before after a year or two. The car companies have launched different wax polishes and other processes to keep the paint of your car consistent.  But try to be very much careful when cleaning them so that the color is not destroyed.

Problems related to air conditioner

Typical car air conditioner; Image Source: carfrom japan

If it is a hot humid day air cooler is a must.  This is one of the biggest necessity while riding a car. If you see record it has been seen that about 3.1 percent of cars are seen to have such a problem these days.

The most common problem that is seen with the air cooler are that either they don’t work at all and most commonly hot air comes out of it. If hot air comes out of your air cooler then the air cooler will switch on but not work at all, rather a gush of hot air will come off.

I this case the thing that happens is there is enough or no refrigerant in your car system. On the other hand it may also happen if there is any kind of leak in the system. Try finding out the leak and be sure to fix it before refilling the refrigerant. Such refilling is so easy to do, you yourself can do it or you may take your friends help even.

Brand New Car; Image Source: Business Insider

So, this was the common problem with the cars of these days and this is how you yourself can do something to get rid of it. On the other hand if the ac is totally damaged then there is no way changing it out.

Problems of used cars

If you are investing in a secondhand car then there could be some problems. If you are going for a used car don’t go for a car that has been used for more than 3 years, it could have critical technical and other problems. Be sure to check first.

So, these were the common problem and ways to solve them.

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