Before going out for a trip or drives, it is important to make your car comfortable in the best way possible. Gears and gadgets help you in this case up to a long way. So be sure that your car is properly accessorized with useful gadgets that will be your best friend at the time of your emergency.

While doing so, don’t forget to carry some cool fun gadgets. They might not be that much useful, but will surely make your ride more fun, enjoyable and interesting. It can be a coffee maker or a simple cushion – but the comfort that they provide cannot be ignored at all.

So let us try to figure out some cool, handy and useful gadget which will make your time in the car less boring.

Stylus Stinger

Emergency USB stinger; Image Source: Cool Things

It is not like for any of us to face an accident. but it is always necessary to manage adequate safety measures to combat such situations. Disposal is an important thing after you face an accident.

A stinger can be handy to do that. Stingers are specially designed to crumble up the windows or the dashboard if the car windows or doors are jammed. It ensures your fastest exit from the vehicle. You can also face problems to get out of a jammed seat belt. To solve this problem, this stinger has a blade attached to it. It will help you to slice the seat belt easily.

Scosche Usb Charger

USB Charger; Image Source: iPhone Informer

Adding more gadgets to your car will require more charging points as most of the gadgets are rechargeable nowadays. This USB charger will allow you to charge a max of two devices at a time. There are many USB cables available in the market that offers more than two inputs at a single time. But it is best for its low profile. Moreover, it will be friendly for your pocket. A lot more of variety is available providing better features if you’re willing to spend a bit more.

Schumacher Jump Starter

Have any other car with you and you want to give it a friendly jolt? Jumper cable can be a great choice for you. But jumper cable is quite useless you leave in a remote or isolated area. Jumpstarter is a great alternative in this case. This brand offers a self-charging feature to their jump starter. Also, they are portable too. It also allows you to test your alternator and the battery to find out where the problem exactly is.

Fobo Tire Plus

FOBO tire plus; Image Source: FOBO

Wearing tires becomes easier when they are properly inflated. It helps to increase the life span of the rubber and fuel efficiency as well. A range of Bluetooth gauges is used by the FOBO tire plus system . these gauges relay the defects of your car directly via your smartphone. FOBO will notify you immediately in your smartphone if the tire pressure is low. The app will put you at ease as the app is provided with some user-friendly tutorials.

Tile Mate

Missing out things may cause you to damage to thousands of dollars at times. Even the damages cannot be overcome sometimes. Everyone reading this will agree that the most misplaced thing is our keys. Tile Mate is a blessing for all of us. It fits your key chains easily and as it is attached to Bluetooth, it will help you to find the keys where ever it is kept with an app linked with it, even it is locked inside the car. It is one of the best and budget-friendly Bluetooth tracker available in the market.

Germin Dashcam 55

Dash cam; Image Source: Curry’s PC World

A dash cam can be a good tool to find out the flaws just after a car accident has taken place. the best dash cam that you can buy at present is    GARMIN DASH CAM 65W. it is easy to handle, pocket-friendly and responds to voice commands too.

This device clicks crystal clear images in 1080 pixel and saves the video in an impact. It also provides the GPS tracker feature so that you can have a clear idea about when and where the accident has taken place. It is small and easily fitted. so if you’re looking for a dashcam, you can surely go for this one.

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