I think a long drive is a pleasure to one and all. If you do research you will see that the majority of the people enjoys going for a long drive. Moreover, some people take it as a sport. But if you want to go for a long drive you must look after some cautionary factors.

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Going on a long drive may seem easier but the reality is always a bit different. The black hands of evil are always ready to create a hazard. That is a problem may arise anytime. It is better to remain on the safe side. That is why we have listed some of the factors that are a must to consider before you go for a long drive.

A perfect plan

The moment you decide to go for a long drive start rafting a plan. Planning is the first step to do in almost every kind of work.

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a plan is compared to a blueprint of a project. While you go for a long drive plan your trip first then proceed further. You should draft what to take on along with you, where to stop for rest and yes do the map study. Studying the map will save you from upcoming struggle es. Moreover, you can be careful of the upcoming complexity if any.

Make sure your vehicle is safe

Before you go for a long drive or trip make sure your vehicle is safe enough. You should check carefully if there is any kind of fault. Checking your vehicle clearly means to double-check every part of your vehicle. It is better to be on the safe side so that no problem arises while you are on your trip.

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You should check out the following:

•    The condition of the tires.  Check if the tyres are okay or not. Take an extra tyre with you and be sure to that tyre also. Tyre emergency may come anytime

•    Check if there is any leakage regarding coolant

•    Check out quantity of coolant

•    Check out other fluid levels

•    Have a look at the windscreen wipers if they are working good.

•    Check the headlights, high beams, etc.

•    The assurance of enough fuel is a must.

Get the servicing of your vehicle

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Secondly, the thing you should be doing is to get servicing of your vehicle. The one on which you are going to ride needs to be fit first. First of all, you should check your vehicle if there is any faulty side. After checking if any faulty side is discovered then immediately get it fixed.

A proper road check

The next thing you should be doing is to make a proper road check. You should study the map very carefully. Studying the map at first will make you aware of the up comings. Besides the other things which you should be looking at while road check

The next thing you should be doing is to make a proper road check; Image Source: Safewise

•    The timing of sunset and sunrise and the probable tracking of the area that you might be crossing at that time.  Make a draft where the roads are tough.

•    While driving you must be aware of cattle and other animals.

•    Take care about the visibility of your headlight in the darkness.

•    Do a careful study of any kind of holes and other obstructions.

Take necessities along with you

First of all when you are making a plan to make a list of the necessary things that are the daily necessities of a trip. Along with your daily essentials take a look at the accessories of car or bike. Missing any important accessory may cost you much. Take spare wheels, fire extinguisher and so on. On the other hand essentials like water, food lighter, rope, matches, etc are varied person to person.

Take everything you need; Image Source: RAC

What if the foot brake fails?

It is very much important to know that what should you do if you footbrake fails somehow. Failure of footbrake is one of the most dangerous things that can happen with your car. If so happens, you should switch to hand brake by gradually increasing the pressure. A sudden pressure may create a hazard. Switch to a lower gear and immediately use flash and horn to make other drivers aware of it.

Vehicle tracking

Gps tracking; image source:123rf

These days vehicle tracking has become a must to have! Having a device or GPS system in your vehicle will make your trip a thousand times better. If you have a tracking system you can detect location easily and it will also solve the problem of getting lost in the path.

So, these were the important considerations that you should be cautious about while going for a long drive.

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