Google’s Self-Driving Cars: What’s Coming Next?

By automated driving system, we mean a complex combination of some components which can be defined as systems where perception, operation of the automobile and decision making are operated by machinery and electronics instead of a human driver. It also includes destination, handling of vehicle as well as awareness of the surroundings. Though it has […]

Pros and cons of automated automobiles

Various researches are being conducted by experts on the impact of automated automobiles. There is indeed a wide range of pros but we cannot ignore the cons too. Though the automated vehicle hasn’t reached production, there are surely going to be an inevitable part of our future. It’s impossible to have a full idea about […]

Tesla Electric Cars: Facts You Must Know

People now don’t need to compromise to steer electric cars. A group of electric automobile engineers of Tesla designed electric cars. These cars are better, faster and more enjoyable to operate than fuel-driven cars. About Tesla Tesla Showroom; Image Source: Mental Floss A group of engineers established Tesla in 2003. Co-founder, CEO, and product architect […]

Airbags: How It Works

Riders safety is the first focus of a car manufacturing company. These companies install the latest car safety technology in their vehicles. Car safety devices are important basics in a vehicle. The latest devices invented, introduced and continuously improved by the companies. Airbags There are many car safety technologies are available. The airbag is one […]

How to Buy Electric Cars? A Complete Price Guide

Electric cars are becoming more affordable because of the increase in the price of gas. At the same time, with the advancement of technology, production of battery is increasing which means electric cars are becoming affordable for the majority of people. These cars are significantly cheaper in comparison to others and have a cheaper maintenance cost, […]

5 Pocket-Friendly Gadgets For Your Car

Car drives become more comfortable when you use some gadgets. Sometimes it’s just a want to fulfill your hobbies, while are mandatory to have while you drive. For the sake of luxury or necessity, you need some gadgets. At the same time, you don’t want them to be expensive. So here we come with five […]

Cool Gadgets For Your Car

Having some cool and useful gadgets for your car can make your ride more comfortable, fun and enjoyable than before. Today we’ll discuss some cool tech gadgets for your car that will give your old car a renovation to a greater extent. Car jump starter Jump starter kit can be considered as one of the […]

Flying Car: A New Era of Transportation

A flying car can be defined as a form of personalized aircraft or road able air vehicle which provides door to door transportation facility both by ground and air. The flying cars are sometimes termed as hover cars. A flying car; Image source: Compare .com Various research has been conducted in this sector since the […]

Why You Should Buy Electric Cars

Automobiles that are propelled by one or multiple electric motors, using energy stored in the rechargeable battery are known as electric cars. Being popular since the late nineties and twenties. But the mass production of cheaper gasoline-driven vehicles caused a decline in the use of vehicles driven by electricity. But it started becoming popular again […]

Things You Should Do for the Maintenance of Your Electric Car

The automobiles that run by the energy consumed from one or multiple electric engines are known as electric cars. There are a lot of pros and cons of using these cars. These cars may seem expensive in the first phase. But in the long run, they are comparatively cheaper to maintain. There is zero fuel […]