Here are some of the amazing tips and tricks that are a must to follow while driving a car. And in case you are tips will ease your driving skills. While driving on the road there is a lot to consider. You will thank us later because the tips and tricks we are sharing now are worth following.

So, here they are-

Rider and ride familiarity

get comfortable and familiar; image source: business matters magazine

Give yourself and your car a bit of time. if you are a new bee then first learn the basics of car driving then proceed forward. Get introduced to the type of driving according to your car and as a newbie simultaneously.

Get to know how the steering, brake works, when to decrease your riding speed, when to shift your gear and so on. On the other hand, even though you are just switching to a new car and you are an experienced driver you should also pick some time to get comfortable with your new vehicle. Each and every vehicle switching needs a bit time to get used to it.

Maintain correct posture while driving

Maintain correct sitting posture; image source: youtube

Not maintaining the correct posture while diving is the main reason for accidents in most of the cases. Even sometimes experienced drivers fail regarding a correct posture. While learning driving you should carefully learn how to sit properly in order to drive a car safely.

A safe sitting ensures safe driving. A correct posture means you have a straight sitting position where it is easy to hold the steering and simultaneously you are comfortable driving. Your buttock should fully adjust the seat where you are supposed to sit. On the other hand, your back should maintain a bit angular position so that any kind of back injuries are able to avoid. Your knees shouldn’t be widespread and you should be comfortable holding the brake and clutch

Don’t get distracted

The moment you are sitting in the driver’s seat all your attention should be on the road and you should try your best not to get distracted. A distracted driver is the cause of many accidents. The first and foremost thing that we forbid is do not ever use a mobile while driving.

A mobile phone is a great distraction. There is actually nothing left in describing the distraction features of smartphones. Another forbidden fact is never ever driving drunk. Being in this two-state is a great distraction and this leads to unconscious driving. Therefore avoiding any kind of distraction is a must.

Be patient while driving

No matter how much time you have on your hand don’t drive impatiently. Be sure to remain calm and quiet while driving. Driving is more or less affected by one’s mood. But never drive recklessly out of your bad mood. Be patient while you are driving and follow the traffic rules sincerely.

Do proper use of horn

Do not use horn unnecessarily. While learning driving you will get to know how to make use of horns. Out of bad mood don’t use horns unnecessarily. Using horn in such a way may arise problems on the road and chaos among the drivers. Use only when there is a necessity of horns. Moreover, there are some horn free areas where the usage of horns are prohibited as like VIP residential area, educational institutions, etc. be careful in this regard.

Don’t drive being congested with other vehicles

do defensive driving; image source:express driving school

Always maintain an ideal amount of distance from other vehicles. Never ever drive being congested with any other vehicle. You may be a conscious driver but you have no idea about the driver beside you right? Therefore maintaining an ideal amount of distance from other vehicles on the road will keep you on the safe side.

 Maintain the speed level

monitoring your car speed; image source:RAC

Always maintain a considerable speed. Never go too high. Though sometimes there comes the need of driving fast but in such a case you need to be very much familiar and comfortable with your car.

Giving a signal when turning around

turning your car; image source:Wikipedia.

Whenever you are taking u-turn to give a signal before. This will help you to prevent unpredictable accidents.

Careful in holding the steering

hold the steering with full control; image source: youtube

It is very important to hold your steering carefully. Though there is no correct way of holding it but hold it in such a way so that you have total control in accordance with comfortability.

 Therefore these are the tips that we think might be useful to you whether you are a new or experienced driver.

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