Riders safety is the first focus of a car manufacturing company. These companies install the latest car safety technology in their vehicles. Car safety devices are important basics in a vehicle. The latest devices invented, introduced and continuously improved by the companies.


There are many car safety technologies are available. The airbag is one of them. Airbags are one of the safest types of equipment. It gives the rider the protection from serious injuries or accidents. These are made of a stretchy material bag, an airbag pad, an inflation unit, and a collision sensor. Airbags work best combined with seat belts. Airbags contain a silicone coating. The coating protects the rider from deadly accidents.

Types of airbags

Side Airbags: Side airbags are also called curtain airbags. They protect the head of the driver and the riders from injuries.

Side Tubular or Curtain Airbag

Side airbag; Image Source: Drive Spark

Side tubular or curtain airbags also protect driver and passenger’s head from injuries.

Side Torso Airbag

Side torso airbags are fixed at the door board. These airbags save from the lower abdomen and pelvic injuries of passengers.

Knee Airbag

Knee airbag; Image Source: Drive Spark

The knee airbags are to save the legs of the passenger from severe damages. The knee airbags are built-in directly at the lower portion of the dashboard. The front of the passenger’s knee is the focus to protect.

Rear Curtain Airbag

Rear curtain airbag; Image Source: Drive Spark

Rear curtain airbags are to save the riders from getting injured from the rear side of the car.

Center Airbag

Center airbags are built-in in the middle of the driver and front rider’s seats to save the riders.

Seat Cushion Airbag

Seat cushion airbags are fixed along with the seats. It protects passengers and drivers from accidents.

Seat Belt Airbag

Seat belt airbags have emerged with the safety belts and it improved the seat belt part. The seat belt airbag decreases the possible injuries on a chest and to the rib cage of passengers.

Pedestrian Airbag

Pedestrian airbags; Image Source: Drive Spark

Pedestrian airbags come out at the hard part of the vehicle like bumper, pillars. This type of airbag saves pedestrians from the possible wound.

How Do Airbags Work

Function of airbag; Image Source: Drive Spark

Airbags are indirect restraints that turn on when a car crash occurs. Airbags activate automatically at the exact split second when it is needed.

Airbags turn on automatically, but sometimes it needs to turn them off manually. This is because of security purposes.

When light to harsh accidents occurs, the inflator gets a signal in the airbag module. The airbag system’s electronic control unit sends the signal. Due to the signal, a chemical reaction starts to generate a risk-free gas. Then airbags blow up the airbag in a heartbeat or 1/20th of a second to be precise.

How do airbags help?

An airbag is further accurately acknowledged as a Supplementary Restraint System (SRS) or Supplementary Inflatable Restraint (SIR). The word “supplementary” refers that the airbag is mainly working to help the seatbelts protect riders rather than depending on the airbags only.

The fundamental idea of the airbag is it blows up as soon as an accident occurs. When the car slows down riders head or parts of the body pressed against the airbag.

How efficient are airbags?

Airbags seem like a good device for providing protection in the car. Still, there are debates about the level of protection it provides and takes the price in return.

This airbag is without a doubt a great invention in the world of vehicle safety technologies. Airbags also explode dangerous things that endanger passengers on their own. Young passengers are at the peak of their risk. Though adults may also be the victim of losing eyesight, hearing loss and small injuries. So, on one hand, airbags are saving your life, but you are paying a price for that protection. This technology is providing protection along with some risk.

Always remember that prevention is better than cure. No safety device can overcome this theory. No device can guarantee the life safety of the riders of the car when it crashes. In this case, what we can do is to use the accessible devices to cut the chances of risk in the time of unlucky occurrence. So, never depend on these devices and drive slowly and carefully for own security.

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