Google’s Self-Driving Cars: What’s Coming Next?

By automated driving system, we mean a complex combination of some components which can be defined as systems where perception, operation of the automobile and decision making are operated by machinery and electronics instead of a human driver. It also includes destination, handling of vehicle as well as awareness of the surroundings. Though it has full control over the vehicle, it allows human control in operation.

Automated Driving System. Image Source: Forbes

It is an integrated package of an individual automated system that operates in concert. It implies to the decision that you have left your responsibilities as a driver and left it over the vehicle automation system. Initially, the driver has to start the automated system and therefore may or may not leave the responsibilities of driving over the system when the situation is under the control of the system.

The automated driving system provides not only challenges but also opportunities in the highways. One of the most popular automated driving systems under operation at present is the google self-driving system. Since 2009, Google has been working to develop self-driving or automated driving system and testing them on the roads under the supervision of its employees.

First of all, they started their experiments in the secretive lab of the company, namely X lab run by co-founder Sergey Brin. Sebastian Thrun-the founder of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and co-inventor of google street view, originally lead the project  The vehicles have faced major crashes which keeps the safety issues of automated vehicles in doubt.

Google’s self driving cars. Image Source: Business Insider

Several narrations released by google were coded to detect the severity and the number of crashes the google car has faced. The crash rates per million vehicle miles traveled (VMT) was used to identify the severity of the crashes and if they were severe enough to report to the police. The rates of crashes and their severity was compared to that of human drivers. The types of crashes were also compared.

It is seen from the analysis of the data that google cars has faced a much less number of crashes per million VMT reportable to the police than human-driven cars in mountain views, cliffs, during 2009-2015 (2.19 vs 6.06). But the analysis of the data is not statistically significant. The most common type of accident that the google car has faced is when they got rear-ended by other human-driven cars. The automated google car was responsible for only one of all the accidents.

Car crash. Image Source: The Atlantic

The results show that google automated cars are comparatively safer than conventional passenger-carrying human-driven vehicles. though the information is insufficient to fully examine the acceptability of the results. The main goal of google is to increase car utilization from 10% to 75%+ through facilitating sharing. Which means fewer cars on the road.

The car will be constructed using steel, glass, an interior, a drivetrain and other regular components used for the construction of the car. But there will be some massive changes in the construction. For example, the front-facing seats will not be mandatory anymore, it will become an option then.

Alterations are expected in Google’s self driving cars. Image Source: The Atlantic

As cars will be smaller in size, the number of parking lots and spaces will decrease drastically. That would put downward pressure on the real estate business holders as the supply will increase. The urban areas will be greener and there will be fewer number of cars on the road.

The people engaged in jobs of fuel factory-like chevron corp, BP plc, will have a fluctuation in their jobs.WAYMO is presently working in collaboration with Google. Google cars will work in a very simple process. You need to type or identify your location in the interface of your car and you help you to reach your destination. Besides, there are several specialist disagreements for the results.

There are some dark sides of these vehicles too. A large number of automakers, dealers, suppliers, parking companies, insurers and other people related to car enterprise will lose their job. the government will lose a major amount of revenue that could be earned from providing license, tax, and tolls.

 The impacts might be good or bad, but they are coming soon, though their implications will take ages. It may have bright and dark sides, but which gets it side heavier will soon be seen after their launch.

Pros and cons of automated automobiles

Various researches are being conducted by experts on the impact of automated automobiles. There is indeed a wide range of pros but we cannot ignore the cons too. Though the automated vehicle hasn’t reached production, there are surely going to be an inevitable part of our future.

It’s impossible to have a full idea about them until they become accessible for all and commonly used in roads and rails. It will have a long-reaching impact over industries and common people. But the pros and cons of automated vehicles can easily be estimated. Some of the pros and cons of using automated /self-driving cars are discussed below-

Economical benefits

Experts say that there will be huge economic benefits once the self-driven vehicles are completely estimated to our system. Road crashes cost the world almost more than $75 billion per year, so a decrease of 15% in the amount of costing in crashes will save a billion dollars each year.

Accessible to those who can’t drive

Non drivers can drive even, Image Source: Business Insider

There are a lot of people who have restrictions on movement because of their disability or age. Once the self-driven cars become commonly used, there will be no necessity drivers’ tests and license which means the people who were not allowed to drive or were considered as driving risks in the past will easily get access to the technology of driving without putting themselves and others in risk.

Social benefits

Sensor technology reduce risks; Image Source: Turbozens

It is known to all of us that major road accidents occur due to human errors such as as-speeding, distractions occurring within and outside of the vehicle, drink driving and a lot more. 90% of road accidents occur due to the carelessness of the driver. 1.3 billion people around the world are being killed by road accidents every year.

Automated automobiles will reduce road accidents that occur due to human errors by removing the manual driving process controlled by humans.

Fast communication system

Bumper to bumper traffic jam will become a part of the history after the full installation of self-driven cars. These cars can communicate in between them and can sense cars in the surroundings of them. The automated n braking system will not only allow the cars to maintain a certain distance from each other but will also prevent nose-to-tail crashes to a larger extent. Speed limits will also increase because the likelihood of crashes in the road is reduced.


Computer crashes/ criminal hacking or glitches

Hacking can increase crime; Image Source: Das European Autohaus

Autonomous cars will be programmed in a way similar to computer systems. so there is a high-risk possibility of the system getting hacked due to glitches and other errors. None of the systems ensure that won’t fail ever and if the system gets hacked by a hacker, they can easily re-program the entire system and make the car do anything they want to.

Increase of vehicles affecting congestion

Congestion on road; Image Source: Knowledge at Wharton

If vehicles without drivers become tremendously popular, their number in the road will increase drastically .people who couldn’t previously drive because of issues related to age and health has access to the driving of cars now too. So the number of vehicle circulation will increase drastically.

Some people are strongly opposing the introduction of automated vehicles as their economic stability and survival are inevitably related to the transportation system. if the automated vehicles are introduced to use commonly, there will a call for new jobs. There will be a huge impact on food delivery and ride-sharing business. There will be a huge impact on the lives of truck drivers who transport things across the country because of the upcoming changes.


It takes a huge amount of expenditure to develop and build new technology. The expenditure cost of automated vehicles will reach to an astronomical level at the very initial stage. It will take a long time to be accessible to the commoners.

Those who like to drive

If there arrives a time when the transportation system becomes fully automated, a lot of people will become disappointed. the people who like to drive and take it as a hobby will surely be disappointed.

Cheapest Car Gears And Accessories You Can Afford

Before going out for a trip or drives, it is important to make your car comfortable in the best way possible. Gears and gadgets help you in this case up to a long way. So be sure that your car is properly accessorized with useful gadgets that will be your best friend at the time of your emergency.

While doing so, don’t forget to carry some cool fun gadgets. They might not be that much useful, but will surely make your ride more fun, enjoyable and interesting. It can be a coffee maker or a simple cushion – but the comfort that they provide cannot be ignored at all.

So let us try to figure out some cool, handy and useful gadget which will make your time in the car less boring.

Stylus Stinger

Emergency USB stinger; Image Source: Cool Things

It is not like for any of us to face an accident. but it is always necessary to manage adequate safety measures to combat such situations. Disposal is an important thing after you face an accident.

A stinger can be handy to do that. Stingers are specially designed to crumble up the windows or the dashboard if the car windows or doors are jammed. It ensures your fastest exit from the vehicle. You can also face problems to get out of a jammed seat belt. To solve this problem, this stinger has a blade attached to it. It will help you to slice the seat belt easily.

Scosche Usb Charger

USB Charger; Image Source: iPhone Informer

Adding more gadgets to your car will require more charging points as most of the gadgets are rechargeable nowadays. This USB charger will allow you to charge a max of two devices at a time. There are many USB cables available in the market that offers more than two inputs at a single time. But it is best for its low profile. Moreover, it will be friendly for your pocket. A lot more of variety is available providing better features if you’re willing to spend a bit more.

Schumacher Jump Starter

Have any other car with you and you want to give it a friendly jolt? Jumper cable can be a great choice for you. But jumper cable is quite useless you leave in a remote or isolated area. Jumpstarter is a great alternative in this case. This brand offers a self-charging feature to their jump starter. Also, they are portable too. It also allows you to test your alternator and the battery to find out where the problem exactly is.

Fobo Tire Plus

FOBO tire plus; Image Source: FOBO

Wearing tires becomes easier when they are properly inflated. It helps to increase the life span of the rubber and fuel efficiency as well. A range of Bluetooth gauges is used by the FOBO tire plus system . these gauges relay the defects of your car directly via your smartphone. FOBO will notify you immediately in your smartphone if the tire pressure is low. The app will put you at ease as the app is provided with some user-friendly tutorials.

Tile Mate

Missing out things may cause you to damage to thousands of dollars at times. Even the damages cannot be overcome sometimes. Everyone reading this will agree that the most misplaced thing is our keys. Tile Mate is a blessing for all of us. It fits your key chains easily and as it is attached to Bluetooth, it will help you to find the keys where ever it is kept with an app linked with it, even it is locked inside the car. It is one of the best and budget-friendly Bluetooth tracker available in the market.

Germin Dashcam 55

Dash cam; Image Source: Curry’s PC World

A dash cam can be a good tool to find out the flaws just after a car accident has taken place. the best dash cam that you can buy at present is    GARMIN DASH CAM 65W. it is easy to handle, pocket-friendly and responds to voice commands too.

This device clicks crystal clear images in 1080 pixel and saves the video in an impact. It also provides the GPS tracker feature so that you can have a clear idea about when and where the accident has taken place. It is small and easily fitted. so if you’re looking for a dashcam, you can surely go for this one.

Precautionary Measures For A Motorcycle Ride

For many people, a motorcycle is the only form of personal motorized form of vehicle they can afford. It occupies comparatively lesser space and can help you to have easy access in narrow lanes and is a great option when your budget is comparatively less. It has a great fuel economy too.

But whichever vehicle you ride, SAFETY comes first. And it is also seen that the accident rate is quite higher in motorcycles than in cars. So safety measures must strictly be maintained. Today we will discuss the safety measures that must be followed when you are riding a motorbike.

Keeping all the traffic rules and riding skills aside, common sense to deal with the situation is of max importance in motorcycle riding. The following tips will reduce the risk of your accidents in roads riding a motorcycle –

Wearing helmet

   A helmet will keep you safe from severe head injuries. Research says that a rider if not wearing a helmet is likely to face an accident in every five-times.

Follow the traffic rules

It is really important to strictly follow traffic rules. Local traffic rules may vary. so keep that in mind. Obey the speed limit to avoid unwanted situations.

Obey Rules; ImageSource: Shutter Stock

Ride defensively

Nearly two-thirds of accidents occur because of violating other’s right of way. so never assume that a driver can see you. Always keep the headlights of your bike on, watch for turning vehicles, stay out of a blind spot of a driver, give a well signal before any change of direction.

Be awake and ride sober

Don’t drink while driving; Image Source: Iconfinder

Drowsiness and fatigue can affect your ability to react. Never, never ride just after you had a drink. Make sure you had enough sleep and not drunk when you are going out for a ride.

Riding skills

Bike Riding Skill; Image Source: Tha national

Get a formal riding education done, avail new driving courses from time to time to improve your driving skills. It’ll also help you to improve your street riding strategies. Last but not least, get your license copy and then hit the road.

Preparation for riding

Make sure that your bike is fit for the ride is important. It is better to find out the defects and get them sorted before you get into the road. You should check the followings to ensure that the bike is safe to ride on the road –

    Hydraulic and coolant fluids: the level must be checked weekly.

    Beneath the motorcycle: check if the oil or grease is leaking

    Tires: check properly so that there are no bulges, cracks or signs of wears in the treads

    Signals, headlights, and taillights: make sure the lights are functioning and check the high beams and the lower as well.

After mounting, get these following checks done :

    Brakes: check the front and rear brakes ( each of the brakes must feel firm and when fully applied, it must hold the bike still)

    Mirrors: to ensure the sharpest view, clean and adjust the mirrors properly.

    Horn: get the horn checked

    Clutch and throttle: be sure they are working smoothly ( it must snap back when released)

Last but not least, wear appropriate gear:

Wear Appropriate Gear; Image Source: TheManual

Always make sure that you are wearing protective gear and wear good clothing that covers maximum part of your body to ensure you get the least injured in case you face an accident. Wear leather clothing, gloves and the boots that have nonskid soles. It will help you to save your body from severe injuries.  You can also attach some reflective tape over your clothes. It will help other drivers to identify you on the road.

So these are some tips that will help you ride a motorcycle safely on road. Above all of these points, comes your intuition as a driver. Observe the situation on the road properly and act accordingly. You know the best what to do to ensure your safety on the road.

And don’t park your bike on narrow roads as it may create inconvenience for others to drive.  Stay safe and keep others safe too.

How to Choose the Perfect Road Bike

If you are a travel freak and prefer to go out on long bike rides randomly, road bikes are perfect for you. These bikes are specially made for fast traveling on paved roads.

A roadbike ; imagesource: REI co- op

Road bikes provide you a scope to meet up new people, improve your fitness and a break from those speedy automobiles. Road biking offers you efficiency, speed, and agility. While choosing the best road bike for you, you should consider some factors like- budget, style, brand and a lot more.
Here are some advice you can keep into consideration while buying road bikes.
So first of all, let’s distinguish road bikes from touring, mountain, commuting and hybrid bikes.


  1. Designed for surfaces that are paved (bike paths, roads); it’s not all recommended for uneven and unpaved surfaces.
  2. It allows a biker to ride smoother and faster than any other types of bike.
  3. Specially intended for fitness freaks, competitive and competitive riders.
  4. Suitable for multiday touring, though doesn’t allow heavy loading.
  5. A very light frame, components, and wheels.
  6. Narrow tires and wheels
  7. A curled handlebar, whereas some may have flat one similar to mountain bikes.
  8. No suspension ( rear or front)
  9. A carbon fiber composite front fork.
    There are some important facts you need to keep in mind while buying the best road bike for you. Those facts are

Frame geometry

The frame of a bike ; image source: bike radar

The road bikes are more likely to have a sport geometry. The steering is more relaxed and the riding position is more upright in comparison to a performance bike. Road bikes with flat bar have similarity with bikes having sport geometry but is provided with a more upright riding position. This bike is popular for commuting.

Frame Materials

Aluminum or carbon fiber is more preferable. If the lightest and strongest is your choice, the carbon fiber is the best option for you. If you are looking for fitness and fun ride with no aspiration of being the fastest, aluminum frame is the perfect one for you.

Crank Sets and Gearing

Gearing is the most concerning factor while buying road bikes. Now let’s discuss crankset. Cranksets can be of varied kinds -double, triple or compact cranksets depending on the number and size of chainrings.

A triple crankset has 3 chainrings; often paired with 9-speed cassette on the rear wheel giving it 27 gears in total. it’s the most common kind of gear that provides a wide range of gears for cyclists.

Compactor double cranksets have two upfront chainrings paired with 10-speed cassette in the back for a total of 20 gears. You can choose triplet or compact crankset if you are new to road cycling or going to ride steeper plains and hills. Strong and flat road riders should preferably use double.


Pedals; Image Source: halfords

Platform pedals are found in basic bikes, often with toe cages. But for your comfort, you can get it customized. If efficient paddling is what you’re looking for, clip-in or cycling shoes pedals are perfect for you. there are a lot of brands offering different sort of models. Better bearing, less weight, and lower friction comes with a higher price.

Gear shifters and brake levers

Make sure you have a good grip on the handlebars while changing and braking gears. If your hands are comparatively smaller, ask if their levers are provided with reach adjustment and it’s working procedure.

Chain ring teeth

Bike chain-ring teeth; image source: bike components

It influences the gearing range of a bike. the highest gear has 11/12 teeth whereas the range maybe 23/28 incase of lowest gear.
Changing the rear cassette is relatively pocket-friendly in order to change your bike’s gearing.


Wheels ; image source:

Wheels have a major impact on your bike. Always try to upgrade your wheelset once you own a bike .it should be kept in mind that, an upgraded version of a bike can afford a faster and lighter wheel. Make sure that your investment gives you a lighter bike weight and increased response.

But the most important factor to be considered is your budget. Make sure your every penny is worth it. don’t hesitate to invest on stuff that can make your bike riding enjoyable. happy travelling !

Driving in Rainy Season: Precautions To Be Taken

It can get quite troublesome to drive in the rain. And in case of a heavy downpour, it’s downright unsafe. However, we can’t stop the wheel of life from turning. It is almost a certainty that you’ll have to drive your vehicle in the rain, no matter where you live in the country.

Roads get more dangerous to drive on when it rains after a long time, you’ll need to maintain a few rules when the downpour starts. While it is easy to follow a few tips when you go for a rainy drive, it might get tragic if you don’t. the first and foremost thing is to take time and get yourself adjusted to the weather.

This following tips will surely help you to make your drive safer and comfortable when the clouds visit the ground-

Before you go do remember

Wet-weather will need your subtle driving moves. Make sure you are completely vigilant. Before starting the engine scuff the soles of your shoe. Otherwise, it might just slip off the pedals.

Turn on your headlights

Headlights should be turned on while driving in rain; Image Source: Says

Even during the day, keep your headlights on. Visibility is severely cut short in the rain (less than 1000 feet). It also alerts the drivers from the other direction of your presence. Keep a careful eye on the brakes of your car as well as brake lights before you.

Large vehicles such as trucks or trailers are prone to losing control during windy rains. They have a hard time staying in the lane. Keeping a longer distance than usual will be wiser. Always try to stay and move along the middle of the roads as the outer corners of the road are slippery at times.

Stay on the paved road

You won’t be able to make the depth of puddles, which will spell misery. Even in an SUV, you might get stuck. Keep on track and see where you’re going.

Let off the gas when Hydroplaning

This common car accident in the rain can be avoided. Just calmly take your foot off the accelerator, steer into the way the vehicle needs to go. DO NOT make a sudden turn or slam on your brakes.

Avoid standing water

Going through still water can trigger hydroplaning. Drive slow and drive around where water has collected.

Ventilate your car

You will notice while driving in the rain, the car’s windows become foggy. Most cars will reduce this by using a ventilation system. However, you should pull over and wipe the windshield if you deem it necessary.

Wipe your car appliances

Wipe your car properly after every ride. Make sure the interior of the car is clean and dry. A vacuum cleaner or hairdryer can be useful.

Awareness about hydroplane

Drive very slowly and cautiously; Image Source: Smart Motorist

Due to excessive water on the top of the streets, the car does certain things to maintain traction on the road. The technical term of it is hydroplaning. This results in your vehicle to slide without any control. It is a really easy process to hydroplane. All you have to do is speed more than 35 miles per hour and one-twelfth part of an inch of rain. Having tires with more wear and tear makes you more likely to use the hydroplane.

Turn off the cruise control:

Avoid using cruise control; Image Source: Says

In the winter and rainy season, cruise control can be the reason of your losing control at times. But the car will move faster if you hydroplane and use cruise control at the same time.

Take good care of your car:

This is self-explanatory. Make your car feel safe, it will keep you safe. Check your headlights, taillights, windshield wipers. Also, make sure your tires are in good shape. Just driving a car that is looked after will give you the confidence to drive properly.

Braking issues:

Slow down then use break in rain; Image Source: Says

It is better to avoid using brakes in the rainy season. You may use the accelerator to slow down the car. 

If you make a conscious effort driving in rain should not create problems. Though it is tenuous it is unavoidable. By being a gentler driver you can surely avoid any mishap.

Tesla Electric Cars: Facts You Must Know

People now don’t need to compromise to steer electric cars. A group of electric automobile engineers of Tesla designed electric cars. These cars are better, faster and more enjoyable to operate than fuel-driven cars.

About Tesla

Tesla Showroom; Image Source: Mental Floss

A group of engineers established Tesla in 2003. Co-founder, CEO, and product architect of Tesla, Elon Musk and Tesla Inc. has been in limelight for the all-electric cars invented. These are all-electric cars behave like sports cars. They’re comfy, fast, and trendy. Tesla cars need only an electrical outlet to charge and turn away from gas completely.

Tesla’s motive is to move people toward zero-discharge. To stop depending on fossil energy for a better future is the goal. Tesla cars are not only electric vehicles, have a huge scale of energy clean and storage capacity as well.

Factory set up of Tesla

Wide range of the car’s gears produced in Fremont, California. Tesla set up its factory in the same location as well. Tesla manufactures all the range of Tesla cars here in the factory. Tesla has set a goal to have the most protective industries in the world. for this, Tesla is taking practical steps to ensure employee safety in production.

It is arranging a session of the training program before working at the factory. This training helps to track employee performance daily to approach towards the job. It helps to improve the quality of work as well. This plan raises the ranking of the models produced.

Energy Solution by Tesla

Charging Tesla car; Image Source: Born2Invest

Tesla generates a set of energy solutions to deal with renewable power production. This allows homeowners, businesses, and services to manage reusable energy generation. These solutions are Powerwall, Powerpack and Solar Roof. A product named Gigafactory-1 supports Tesla’s power product and automotive.

Tesla invented this product to lessen the costs of the battery unit. This helps the company producing cell production in its factory. It produces batteries in huge capacity. The amount needed to meet the requirements of production. Tesla creates job opportunities for thousands of people as well with these steps.

Customers of Tesla

Tesla motors; Image Source: The Street

In the world of electric cars Tesla in the name which comes first. Among the few groups of people, this name is something that represents a sign of class and status as well. The Model-S has been the best-selling car for many years. This series was a plug-in electric vehicle type.

Tesla has some obsessed customers who are very content with its product. These customers rely on the promise of the anti-dealership of the company. Progressive and revolutionary thinking, design and the factor of showing status attracts customers.

Model-S of Tesla

The Roadster disclosed Tesla’s advanced battery innovation and electric power train. From 2008, Tesla invented the world’s first-ever complete electric cars starting from Model-S.

Model-S of Tesla; Image Source: Complex

This ranked as the best car in the class in all categories.

The Tesla Model S has the configuration to take a trip about 300 miles on a single charge. Roadside Tesla Superchargers are available to recharge dead batteries. These superchargers can provide a half charge within half an hour. So, this 30 minutes charge can provide 150 miles of travel range.

Model-X of Tesla

Model-X has been marked a 5-star by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.It rated for safety in all categories. It launched in 2015. Known as the fastest and the most competitive sport service car in the record of ratings 5-star.

Model 3 of Tesla

Tesla Model-3; Image Source: Trusted Reviews

In 2016, CEO Elon Musk came up with a ”Secret Master Plan”. According to this plan, Tesla started to produce a model. The model offered low-cost, high-service electric cars in 2017. This made this invention convenient for everyone.

Tesla-Semi the truck

Tesla semi, the truck; Image Source: Vigo Software

After 2017, Tesla introduced the safest and comfortable truck ever produced. This is the first electric truck in electric automobile industries. They named it Tesla-Semi. It can save fuel costs for its holder. It can save at least $200k over 1000k miles on fossil fuel cost only.

These are the trailers, the movie is yet to start with Tesla’s upcoming designs and technology. It is still producing the most affordable car. It will make the products more accessible and promote electric-based transportation. People will be able to save fuel costs.

Top Cleaning Tips For Your Car

Car is an essential part of our everyday life. After stepping out of the door our daily activities start withholding the steering of the car. The hygiene of the car can boost or spoil our mood. So, thorough cleaning each weekend will keep the car and your mood fresh the whole week.

To maintain the cleanliness, you can clean both the interior and exterior of your car. The best way to clean your car is to clean the exterior first and then the interior. Start cleaning cars with an exterior body, then wheels. After that clean the interior. In the end, clean the windows and mirrors.

Tools you need to clean your car

ᴑ    Car soap

ᴑ    Wheel cleaner

ᴑ    Glass cleaner

ᴑ    Towels

ᴑ    Soft cloths

ᴑ    Microfiber cloths

ᴑ    Interior cleaners as desired (leather cleaners, carpet cleaner, dashboard protectors, etc.)

ᴑ    Sponges

ᴑ    Buckets

ᴑ    Lambskin mitt for washing

ᴑ    Wax kit

ᴑ    Scrubbing pads

ᴑ    Vacuum with attachments

ᴑ    Q-tips

ᴑ    Trash bag          

Steps to clean your car

First, park your car in a shaded place and let the car’s body and engine cool down before washing.

Gather the tools you need. Fill the buckets with water and wash the whole body thoroughly. Start washing from top of the car to bottom. This will remove the dirt and rubbish on the body and prevent scratch while scrubbing.

Washing the car to remove solid particles from its body; Image Source: Auto-Mobile Decor

Prepare the cleaner and scrub the body of the car with scrubbing pads. Scrub in sections so that the soaps don’t get dry.

Scrub the car with car cleaner; Image Source: Auto-Mobile Decor

Scrub one section first then move to the next section. Scrub in up and down direction not in a circular direction to avoid swirl stains. Make sure to rinse the sponge very often.

After scrubbing before air dries, wipe off the car body with a soft cloth. Instead of wiping off, blot the water to avoid water stains.

The next step is to clean the wheels. Wash the wheel very well. Then soak a soft sponge in the bucket filled with wheel cleaner and clean the wheel from top to down. Wash the wheel with clean water and dry with soft cloth afterward.

Wipe with soft cloth after washing; Image Source: Automozo

Then use clay bars to remove microscopic dirt from the body of the car. In this step work on sections as well. Before rubbing the bar spay clay lube and then rub the clay in back and forth motion. This step will prevent scratching during waxing.

After that wax the body of the car. Take the wax polish onto a pad and apply it in up and down motion. Apply multiple coats of polish rather than one thick layer. Then use a microfiber cloth to buff off the excess wax.

Now it’s the turn to clean the interior of the car. The very first step is to remove the mats, seat covers, and large pieces of trash from inside. Then clean the cup holders.

After that vacuum the whole interior from top to down. First vacuum the inner roof of the car, top of the seats, dashboard, console, and the floor consecutively.

Using brush dust off the mats, seat covers and carpet. Then clean those using designated cleaner and wash it off. Let these dry completely. Clean your seats following the same steps.

Cleaning seats of car; Image Source: Cobblestone Auto Spa

Small areas like radio buttons, air vents, panel seams are hard to clean. Use q-tips and cotton swabs to clean these areas. End this step by cleaning procedure sanitize the dashboard and console areas.

Then clean the window both inside and outside and the mirrors with microfiber cloths. Spray cleaner on the cloth and then wipe off with it.

The car cleaning procedure ends with re-vacuum the interior.

When the carpets, seat covers, and mats are dry, place them in the car and you are all set to go.

Additional tips

Use designated products for car cleaning instead of household products to get best and long-lasting results.

Clean with the designated car cleaning kits; Image Source: Hand Wash

Choose a warm sunny day for deep cleaning your car as it needs to dry inside. Keep your car as clean as possible inside and de-clutter whenever you can. This will ease your deep cleaning process. Use seat covers, carpets, and mats to avoid ruin the attached parts of the car. Use car fresheners to smell good inside the car.

Cleaning your car is necessary not only for hygiene purposes but also for safety. Clutter can sometimes distract your vision and put you in danger. You can keep your car clean and have a safe ride by following these tips and steps.

Airbags: How It Works

Riders safety is the first focus of a car manufacturing company. These companies install the latest car safety technology in their vehicles. Car safety devices are important basics in a vehicle. The latest devices invented, introduced and continuously improved by the companies.


There are many car safety technologies are available. The airbag is one of them. Airbags are one of the safest types of equipment. It gives the rider the protection from serious injuries or accidents. These are made of a stretchy material bag, an airbag pad, an inflation unit, and a collision sensor. Airbags work best combined with seat belts. Airbags contain a silicone coating. The coating protects the rider from deadly accidents.

Types of airbags

Side Airbags: Side airbags are also called curtain airbags. They protect the head of the driver and the riders from injuries.

Side Tubular or Curtain Airbag

Side airbag; Image Source: Drive Spark

Side tubular or curtain airbags also protect driver and passenger’s head from injuries.

Side Torso Airbag

Side torso airbags are fixed at the door board. These airbags save from the lower abdomen and pelvic injuries of passengers.

Knee Airbag

Knee airbag; Image Source: Drive Spark

The knee airbags are to save the legs of the passenger from severe damages. The knee airbags are built-in directly at the lower portion of the dashboard. The front of the passenger’s knee is the focus to protect.

Rear Curtain Airbag

Rear curtain airbag; Image Source: Drive Spark

Rear curtain airbags are to save the riders from getting injured from the rear side of the car.

Center Airbag

Center airbags are built-in in the middle of the driver and front rider’s seats to save the riders.

Seat Cushion Airbag

Seat cushion airbags are fixed along with the seats. It protects passengers and drivers from accidents.

Seat Belt Airbag

Seat belt airbags have emerged with the safety belts and it improved the seat belt part. The seat belt airbag decreases the possible injuries on a chest and to the rib cage of passengers.

Pedestrian Airbag

Pedestrian airbags; Image Source: Drive Spark

Pedestrian airbags come out at the hard part of the vehicle like bumper, pillars. This type of airbag saves pedestrians from the possible wound.

How Do Airbags Work

Function of airbag; Image Source: Drive Spark

Airbags are indirect restraints that turn on when a car crash occurs. Airbags activate automatically at the exact split second when it is needed.

Airbags turn on automatically, but sometimes it needs to turn them off manually. This is because of security purposes.

When light to harsh accidents occurs, the inflator gets a signal in the airbag module. The airbag system’s electronic control unit sends the signal. Due to the signal, a chemical reaction starts to generate a risk-free gas. Then airbags blow up the airbag in a heartbeat or 1/20th of a second to be precise.

How do airbags help?

An airbag is further accurately acknowledged as a Supplementary Restraint System (SRS) or Supplementary Inflatable Restraint (SIR). The word “supplementary” refers that the airbag is mainly working to help the seatbelts protect riders rather than depending on the airbags only.

The fundamental idea of the airbag is it blows up as soon as an accident occurs. When the car slows down riders head or parts of the body pressed against the airbag.

How efficient are airbags?

Airbags seem like a good device for providing protection in the car. Still, there are debates about the level of protection it provides and takes the price in return.

This airbag is without a doubt a great invention in the world of vehicle safety technologies. Airbags also explode dangerous things that endanger passengers on their own. Young passengers are at the peak of their risk. Though adults may also be the victim of losing eyesight, hearing loss and small injuries. So, on one hand, airbags are saving your life, but you are paying a price for that protection. This technology is providing protection along with some risk.

Always remember that prevention is better than cure. No safety device can overcome this theory. No device can guarantee the life safety of the riders of the car when it crashes. In this case, what we can do is to use the accessible devices to cut the chances of risk in the time of unlucky occurrence. So, never depend on these devices and drive slowly and carefully for own security.

Things to Consider When Buying a Helmet

While riding a motorbike, wearing a helmet in the most important thing for both driver and rider. It protects our heads from a wound. The helmet works as a shield for the human brain while on a motorcycle. So there are things to consider before buying a helmet.

Types of helmets

 There are different types of helmets for different purposes. Before buying an ideal helmet, you need to know the types of helmets well.

Full-face helmets

Full-face helmet; Image Source: Motorcycle Legal Foundation

As the name suggests, it covers the whole face. These types of helmets are the safest. This helmet is also heavy and warm.

Open-face helmets

Open-face helmets; Source: Motorcycle Legal Foundation

The hint in the name says it does not cover the face. One-fourth of the full head is open and even unprotected. It gives better visibility.

Half helmets

Half helmets; Image Source: Motorcycle Legal Foundation

 this helmet covers the forehead and the half-back head. This is very lightweight and provides the least protection.

Modular or Flip-face helmets

Modular or Flip-face helmet; Image Source: Motorcycle Legal Foundation

This helmet works as both full-face and open-face helmets. You can use it as a full-face helmet and can flip the chin part up and convert it into an open-face helmet as per your need.

Off-road helmets

Off-road helmet; Image Source: Motorcycle Legal Foundation

The design of the helmet is not for highway driving. It is for high-intensity sports biking. It is a well ventilated, elongated chin and extra long on the forehead for sunshade. It lacks sound-proofing quality.

Dual-sport helmets

Dual-sport helmet; Image Source: Motorcycle Legal Foundation

This type of helmet is both for off-road helmets and the helmets designed for highway riding. This helmet is convertible according to riders’ needs.

Design of outer shell of helmet:

Outer shell design of a helmet is important to ensure a rider’s safety. The helmet shell should cover the full head. The surface of the shell also needs to be a smooth finish.

Padding inside helmet:

The padding or cushioning inside the helmet should be comfortable. The material of cushioning varies according to the weather condition of a region. It should cover your face and head gently and should not impact your haring.

Chin-strap of helmet:

The purpose of the strap in helmet near chin is to hold the helmet firmly on your head even if you crash. The strap lock mechanism should only be opened when doing it deliberately. The material of the strap should be skin-friendly.

Helmet Visor:

The role of the visor is to avoid dust, dirt, rain, and wind getting inside the helmet with clear vision. This is transparent material and also allows visibility at night. Sometimes it is difficult to ride on a bright sunny day for transparent visor. A rider can use sunglasses in the bright sun. there are also sun visors to avoid wearing sunglasses. These visors are tinted to prevent sun glare and offer a good vision.

Helmet Fitting:

The fitting or the size of the helmet should be good enough to wear it for a long time when on long rides. The uncomfortable feeling in the helmet for the rider can cause problems. It can be so serious that it can distract your attention from the road and fell you in trouble. So the size is very important while choosing a helmet.

Ventilation in a helmet

: Ventilation inside the helmet is very important. Improper ventilation can create fog in the visor and make the rider feel suffocating. Proper ventilation can ensure the safety of the rider.

Color of the helmet

The color is the least important when the quality of the helmet provides safety. Still, the color should be light to be spotted easily. The color may be reflective if you ride often at night to be more visible.

An additional tip to keep in mind when buying a helmet is, you always should buy it from a physical store rather than online. Since you need to be very precise about the size and fitting, it is best to go and try. Keep wearing a helmet on your head for at least 20 minutes. Then you should buy to get the perfect one.

Since the two-wheeler vehicle is prone to crash, the security of the rider is very important. The most vital organ of humans is the brain, so we need a quality product for its safety purpose. Choosing the right kind of helmet for you will ensure both comfort and safety.