How to Drive Safely; Some Precautions While Driving

Precaution is better than cure- a commonly heard sentence by all of us. And we all know how important and practical this sentence is in our day to day life. The driving car requires major precautions, especially for beginners. A moment of insincerity may result in major accidents. Some safety rules may come handy to avoid these unwanted situations.

By driving we generally mean the movement and operation of motor vehicles in a controlled way. While driving, a set of conditions must be met by the driver to ensure maximum safety for the driver and the passengers as well.

Driving in traffic don’t only emphasize the knowledge about how to operate and control the vehicle on the road. It also includes the knowledge of how to imply the rules that he knows in the best way. An intuitive understanding of the basics of driving a vehicle and the sense of responsibility is a must for an effective driver.

A driver must be skilled in three basic points. They are-

1.    Physical skill

2.    Mental skill

3.    Safety

There are some important and basic points which will keep you safe on the road during your drive. Those are  listed below

Wearing seat belts

This may seem funny to a lot of people to mention it.  But a major portion of road accidents occurs because of not wearing a seat belt.  So always wear a seat belt, no matter how short your drive is-even it’s a five minutes ride to the grocery.

Wear your seat belt; Image Source: drivelikeagirl

Seat belts prevent accidents by distributing the forces of a crash all over your pelvis and chest, which are the strongest parts of your body. This simple belt may make a huge difference- from blowing away your body in a smash to causing some minor bruises.

Stick to the speed limit

Maintain the speed limit while driving; Image Source: the liberal .ie

Speeding up your car above a certain limit is a killer. Always keep in mind that it’s not mandatory to increase the speed of your car in traffic just to keep up with other vehicles. Keeping the speed under limit will not only keep you safe from major accidents but also help you to avoid a lot of traffic fines, which can affect your car insurance too.

Keep Your Mobile Phone Away

This point is of major importance and should be strictly maintained. Using phone during drive may cause auditory, visual, physical and cognitive distractions which leads to unsafe driving and increases the possibility of your accident.

Don’t use mobile while driving; Image Source: the NRMA

Research says that reading a text causes a distraction of 4.6 seconds-enough to get your car crashed on a hectic day. Always keep in mind that it’s your job to keep your eye on the road while you drive, no one else is going to do that for you.

Turn on the Headlights

It’s quite obvious that you’ll keep your headlights on when you’re driving at night, but keeping the headlights on during day time will help other drivers to observe you in the road. It can particularly be helpful when you’re driving at evening or dawn- when the sunlight has less effectiveness.

Always turn the headlights on; Image Source: popular mechanics.

Don’t Drive in the Blind Spot

Being aware of one’s blind spot is not enough. You should make sure that you’re not in the blind spot of others.

Ride Defensively; Image Source: CAA SCO

Don’t Drink and Drive

Even a small amount of alcohol in the bloodstream may affect your driving ability. And it may result in fatal or serious accidents.  So stick firm to the policy that “No Driving After Drinking.

Sufficient Sleep Before Driving

Be aware of the warning signs of sleep-driving which may include daydreaming, frequent blinking, difficulty focusing, heavy eyelids and trouble in keeping your head high.

Ride Few Passengers

When are you learning to drive and finally start taking passengers with you, it’s very normal to feel pressurized in the beginning? This may lead to reckless driving and often taking risky decisions. So the best decision is to take minimum passengers at the beginning.

So these are some safety tips you should maintain while driving. They are not mere points but important to follow to save yourself from accidents during the drive.

Things You Should Do for the Maintenance of Your Electric Car

The automobiles that run by the energy consumed from one or multiple electric engines are known as electric cars. There are a lot of pros and cons of using these cars. These cars may seem expensive in the first phase. But in the long run, they are comparatively cheaper to maintain.

There is zero fuel costing for them.  And most importantly, they are environment-friendly. But it is difficult to find the proper recharging place for them. Availability of electricity is also an important issue.

Component of an electric car; Image Source:

There are a variety of electric cars. But there is some basic care which every car requires some maintenance. The issues that should always be kept in mind regarding electric car maintenance are discussed below-

Tire rotation

Monitor your tire; Image Source: lou shobh kia

Tire rotation is an important issue to be kept in consideration. It requires special attention as it has to carry a heavy load of a huge battery and a huge torque of on the driving wheels. Regular monitoring to ensure the tire is not damaged is important.


Cooling is necessary; Image Source: advance auto parts

Electric cars with batteries have a cooling system to keep the big battery cool and avoid catching fire. Make sure the coolant is functional before each and every drive. keep an eye that it doesn’t come in contact with water.

There is a wide variation observed in the coolant system-flush intervals. Find the appropriate one for your car. The fire extinguisher must be carried at times to avoid unwanted circumstances.

Battery Care

The engine of an electric car is more analogous in comparison to that of a regular car. It is the most expensive, heaviest and of major importance for an electric car. It also determines the future residual value of the car. It requires special care and regular eye should be kept on it so that there is no major change in temperature. Moreover, regular full charging is prescribed rather than frequent and overcharging. Special care should be taken to ensure that the battery is not dead . The manual of the car must be read completely and properly  to ensure the proper care that your battery deserves.    

Brake Servicing

Brake pads and discs are identical from brake fluid. The service requirement depends on the limit of your driving, hardness of your drive, the regeneration settings you are using and the territory of your drive. The brake should be used with least emphasis. Rather brake pedals should be used.

Brake Fluid Service

Electric cars rarely use mechanical brakes and get its work done by regenerative brakes. In spite of the least use, they all have normal brake discs and pads. these two are pressed at a time by the same hydraulic brake that is present in a conventional car.  As a result, the fluid gets hygroscopic i.e. it is more likely to absorb water from the air and it’ll corrode if you don’t flush it regularly.

How brake fluid will work; Image Source: greeny fluent

So these are some tips that will help you to maintain your electric car. But these are obviously roughly designed. Every car requires some special care depending own its a specification. Make sure you read the manual properly to sure the proper maintenance of the car. If you can ensure proper care for the car, it’s sure that it’ll have higher longevity and have better functioning.

 Further studies on the specific model of car that you own may help you a lot. That will help you to avail the best care for your car. Don’t be harsh while driving. more emphasis on brake pedals than to brakes is highly advised.

Besides maintenance, the longevity depends on how long you drive, the area in which you drive and how hard you drive.

Regular cleaning of the car is mandatory and wash your car every week. dusting is also important. Don’t keep the car messy. use car organizers which will keep your car tidy and make it easy for you to find out things that you need.

Maintain proper cleaning routine; Image Source: ev.archive

So, these was all that you could do to maintain your electric cars. Remember electric cars need a lot of care and if you do so they will last along with durability. Therefore always be sincere with the maintenance.  

Things to Consider Before Buying a Second-Hand Car

Not everyone can purchase a new car. If you have a restricted budget then you better go for a second-hand car. It is not obvious that second-hand cars tend to be of poor quality but yes they tend to be cheaper. Buying a new one will obviously be good and more durable but going for a second-hand car can also be profitable. Moreover, the majority of the transportation services uses a secondhand or used car. So are they using cars of deteriorated quality? No, not always.

But you should always consider some important facts while buying secondhand cars otherwise, you will suffer for sure! If all the ends meet then secondhand cars are not a bad choice. We came up with some research about what are the factors that should be kept in mind while buying a second-hand car and depicted them in the following.

As per the internet, these are the most important things you should consider   :

Consider your budget

Make your budget; Image Source; walnut app

well, this is the most important fact you should be considering. One and all have a budget. First of all, you should decide how much you want to spend on a second-hand car then go for purchase. While making a budget you should be aware of the current prices and facilities.

Proper research about the car

before you buy a used car make sure you have done proper research about the car. Even though it is a used one but spending on a car is an expensive decision. Do not go for such a purchase without proper research.

Do some research more than one; Image source: NAPA know how blog.

Deciding after seeing tons of reviews

Car review; Image source: auto

While you are doing product research make sure you have gone through a ton of reviews. Never take decision being dependent on a single review. If you decide after seeing numerous reviews then it will be a good purchase decision indeed. Because two or more reviews cannot be wrong at the same time.

Watch after ownership

Well, this is another important aspect to watch out. As buying a car is such an important decision you must be aware of its legality. Otherwise, this may cause you to suffer. You must be aware of the ownership of the car. Make sure you are buying from an individual.

Careful transfer of ownership; Image source: nefesh b’nefesh

Never buy from a dealer. Buying a used car from a dealer can create legal complications sometimes. Sometimes cars with legal complexity are renewed by coloring and making fake papers and ten sold by the dealers. So, you better do detailed research on the ownership of a used car.

Do negotiation

Never ever hesitate to do the negotiation. Everyone has a budget and so, do you. Negotiation will not deteriorate your standard. Moreover, if you are a newbie then it is obvious that the owner will ask for a high price. Make sure you know the actual price and then propose a standard amount of money. You shouldn’t be paying too high or too low keeping the condition of in mind.

Do Negotiation; Image source: driving tips.

Will the car suite you?

 There is always a matter of suiting right? As a father or an elderly person you may not want to go for a sports car. You may like a more formal one but what to do you if your son is found in a sports car. As you are going to make a second-hand purchase it is obvious that you have a tight spend on something that will suit you the best.

Watch out for any internal or external problem

Always remember most of the time used products are sold due to some defects. Before making a purchase of a second-hand car you need to clearly inspect is there any kind of internal or external defect.

According to a experts, you shouldn’t be forgetting the following:

Insurance of your car

Insurance of car; Image source: service market

Watch out for insurances that have been previously done. Do look for insurance that needs to be done. The compensation method of any kind of previous or currently done insurances etc. keeping an eye on the insurance is being in the safe side.

Internal and external costs

Buying a used car often comes with some extra fees. There is always some cost related to a used car internally or externally. Be sure to inspect that.

Do give it a test drive

Well, this is another important consideration. You should give a test drive of the used car for obvious. Try driving the car in both simple and complicated roads. This will help you to know the car capability for sure.  If you can ride smoothly in both the ways then you can surely go for it.

a test drive image source: youtube


Documentation of car warranty; Image source: retirement living.

Last but not least go for such a car that will provide you a warranty for at least a short time. this will increase the life expectancy of your car.

Motorcycle Riding Tips And Tricks

The way of driving a motorcycle is a lot more different than riding a car. Both young and old generation has a craze over motorcycle driving. Driving a motorcycle requires a different strategy and skill as well.  We have tried to sum up those .so, we noted some of the tips and tricks that will help you to drive better. These tips will help you to create a better version of you as a motorcycle driver.

Brand new motorcycle; Image Source: unsplash

Here are they:

Riding Course

Well, it is obvious that this is the first and foremost step but by this, we mean exactly a course. Sometimes the teenagers learn a bit from seniors and out of curiosity they hit the streets. And this is how inexperienced and less skilled drivers are seen in the streets. Therefore we suggest you to take a professional riding course.

Use helmet

Using a helmet while driving is not a tip actually but it’s a necessity though.  No matter how easy the road or ride maybe, be sure to use a helmet always.  A motorcycle is a bit more complicated than riding a car and is a bit riskier also. The chances of accident are more with motor cycle and the head is the most vulnerable part of such accidents in most of the case.

Head protection; Image Source: helmet saves.

Wearing a helmet will protect you from any kind of head injuries. In fact, it protects both the head and the face. Both the rider and the person sitting with the rider should wear a helmet.


Wearing a helmet is a must but if in case you are not wearing it to wear eye protection. While driving a motor cycle there is a severe chance that your eye maybe be injured by flies or insects and this is a common fact indeed. Moreover, there are chances that dirt and dust may get into your eyes.

Well, this is the most common and harmful simultaneously. This is why you should always try protecting your eyes while riding a motorcycle.

Wear eye protection; Image Source: live about

Other protective wears:

Wear other protective wear to avoid accidents; Image Source: youtube

Other protective wears include protection for your hands and legs. The chances of motorcycle accidents are more than that of cars. Moreover, the body Is fully exposed to the road while you are riding in the motorcycle.  No one can tell if the danger is coming. Therefore it’s always better than you put o the protective wear.

Defensive ride operation

Defensive wear literally means to maintain own defensiveness. While driving in the roads be always to maintain a considerable distance from another vehicle so that you can maintain your safety. Obviously, you don’t know how the driver beside you is. So it’s always best to be a defensive driver

Do not drive drunken

If you have a bad habit of drinking then you better not drive in the streets. Driving while drunk is a violation of traffic rules indeed. Moreover, the chances of accidents also increase. Drive only when you are with your full attention because driving with attention is safe driving.

Clean and adjust the mirrors

Mirrors are an important part of a bike ride. You need to keep a constant touch with the mirrors. Adjusting the mirrors properly creates effective communication between you and the road.  You need to clean and adjust the mirrors properly so that you are able to see if any careless rider is around you. And this is you how can get rid of the upcoming uncertainties

Check the clutch and the horn:

Check very carefully; Image Source: rnd moto

Clutch and horn are other important parts that you need to check right away. Before starting your ride do check the horn and clutch if they are working properly. There is you check it properly there won’t be any uncertain problem.

Checking other components

Here other components include checking your motorcycle fully starting from your brake to the engine. Do regular servicing as per your motorcycles requirement and maintain a cleaning routine. Make sure that each and every part are worth functioning. And yes do not drive faulty motorcycles in the streets as motorcycle accidents are a severe case.

 Therefore these were some quick tips and tricks that are worth helping each and every motor cycle driver whether you are a beginner or an experienced one.


Here are some of the amazing tips and tricks that are a must to follow while driving a car. And in case you are tips will ease your driving skills. While driving on the road there is a lot to consider. You will thank us later because the tips and tricks we are sharing now are worth following.

So, here they are-

Rider and ride familiarity

get comfortable and familiar; image source: business matters magazine

Give yourself and your car a bit of time. if you are a new bee then first learn the basics of car driving then proceed forward. Get introduced to the type of driving according to your car and as a newbie simultaneously.

Get to know how the steering, brake works, when to decrease your riding speed, when to shift your gear and so on. On the other hand, even though you are just switching to a new car and you are an experienced driver you should also pick some time to get comfortable with your new vehicle. Each and every vehicle switching needs a bit time to get used to it.

Maintain correct posture while driving

Maintain correct sitting posture; image source: youtube

Not maintaining the correct posture while diving is the main reason for accidents in most of the cases. Even sometimes experienced drivers fail regarding a correct posture. While learning driving you should carefully learn how to sit properly in order to drive a car safely.

A safe sitting ensures safe driving. A correct posture means you have a straight sitting position where it is easy to hold the steering and simultaneously you are comfortable driving. Your buttock should fully adjust the seat where you are supposed to sit. On the other hand, your back should maintain a bit angular position so that any kind of back injuries are able to avoid. Your knees shouldn’t be widespread and you should be comfortable holding the brake and clutch

Don’t get distracted

The moment you are sitting in the driver’s seat all your attention should be on the road and you should try your best not to get distracted. A distracted driver is the cause of many accidents. The first and foremost thing that we forbid is do not ever use a mobile while driving.

A mobile phone is a great distraction. There is actually nothing left in describing the distraction features of smartphones. Another forbidden fact is never ever driving drunk. Being in this two-state is a great distraction and this leads to unconscious driving. Therefore avoiding any kind of distraction is a must.

Be patient while driving

No matter how much time you have on your hand don’t drive impatiently. Be sure to remain calm and quiet while driving. Driving is more or less affected by one’s mood. But never drive recklessly out of your bad mood. Be patient while you are driving and follow the traffic rules sincerely.

Do proper use of horn

Do not use horn unnecessarily. While learning driving you will get to know how to make use of horns. Out of bad mood don’t use horns unnecessarily. Using horn in such a way may arise problems on the road and chaos among the drivers. Use only when there is a necessity of horns. Moreover, there are some horn free areas where the usage of horns are prohibited as like VIP residential area, educational institutions, etc. be careful in this regard.

Don’t drive being congested with other vehicles

do defensive driving; image source:express driving school

Always maintain an ideal amount of distance from other vehicles. Never ever drive being congested with any other vehicle. You may be a conscious driver but you have no idea about the driver beside you right? Therefore maintaining an ideal amount of distance from other vehicles on the road will keep you on the safe side.

 Maintain the speed level

monitoring your car speed; image source:RAC

Always maintain a considerable speed. Never go too high. Though sometimes there comes the need of driving fast but in such a case you need to be very much familiar and comfortable with your car.

Giving a signal when turning around

turning your car; image source:Wikipedia.

Whenever you are taking u-turn to give a signal before. This will help you to prevent unpredictable accidents.

Careful in holding the steering

hold the steering with full control; image source: youtube

It is very important to hold your steering carefully. Though there is no correct way of holding it but hold it in such a way so that you have total control in accordance with comfortability.

 Therefore these are the tips that we think might be useful to you whether you are a new or experienced driver.

Common Problems Of Cars And How To Solve Them

Whether your car is a new one or a used there is some common problem that is faced by almost the majority of the people. These problems tend to happen with almost every one. as these problems may take place with any of you then you should obviously know the ways  to solve them. We in this article have listed some of the most common problems and how to solve them.

Second hand versus brand new car; Image Source: birchwood credit solutions

Majority of the people have a tight budget while buying a car that is why people like to spend in used cars when there is a marginal budget. It is not like that at all that a used car Is always less facilitated but if you are buying a car that has been used for three or more years then you could be doing wrong. It has been seen That used cars are sometimes much more problematic.

A problematic car; Image source: total car collection

So, here are the common problems and its  solutions from various Sources :

Problems related to engine

Well, engine is the most important thing on which your car is going to run. A engine is such a complicated device to take care of right? If you are not professional r a person with a lot knowledge on cars then it would be much difficult to maintain the engine.

Car engine; Image source: youtube.

An engine requires the most care among the most other devices that are placed in your car. It needs regular and efficient care otherwise problems like higher smoke discharge, low compression, perishing of materials like belts happens fast. The only way to get rid of it is a good engine maintenance.

On the other hand another most common problem is the overheating of engine. This is the problem that happens to almost one and all. But the reason may not be the same always. The major reason behind this may be that there is not enough coolant in your system may be your car needs a bit more of it. Or, your radiator fan is not working well at all. Therefore before you go for repair find out the proper cause. And this is how you can keep pace with a healthy engine.

Problems related to wheels and tires

Problems of tire; image source: revolution automative services.

 The tires and wheels of your car are the second reason why your car is running. Infact, they do the most difficult part. The tires and wheels are of metals like aluminum or alloy. As aluminum and alloy rust over time the life expectancy of the tire decreases. A total damage of tyres and wheel requires change of tyres. But you can be in the safe side if you take proper care of your tyres.


car lighting; image source:

 The headlights does a lot of work and a simple unconsciousness while driving can cause breakage of your light. The most common way to solve them is to be conscious as much as possible while driving


The color of cars does not remain the same as before after a year or two. The car companies have launched different wax polishes and other processes to keep the paint of your car consistent.  But try to be very much careful when cleaning them so that the color is not destroyed.

Problems related to air conditioner

Typical car air conditioner; Image Source: carfrom japan

If it is a hot humid day air cooler is a must.  This is one of the biggest necessity while riding a car. If you see record it has been seen that about 3.1 percent of cars are seen to have such a problem these days.

The most common problem that is seen with the air cooler are that either they don’t work at all and most commonly hot air comes out of it. If hot air comes out of your air cooler then the air cooler will switch on but not work at all, rather a gush of hot air will come off.

I this case the thing that happens is there is enough or no refrigerant in your car system. On the other hand it may also happen if there is any kind of leak in the system. Try finding out the leak and be sure to fix it before refilling the refrigerant. Such refilling is so easy to do, you yourself can do it or you may take your friends help even.

Brand New Car; Image Source: Business Insider

So, this was the common problem with the cars of these days and this is how you yourself can do something to get rid of it. On the other hand if the ac is totally damaged then there is no way changing it out.

Problems of used cars

If you are investing in a secondhand car then there could be some problems. If you are going for a used car don’t go for a car that has been used for more than 3 years, it could have critical technical and other problems. Be sure to check first.

So, these were the common problem and ways to solve them.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Second-hand Bike

 The craze of motorbikes is increasing day by day. Investing in a motor bike can never go wrong. But if you are buying a secondhand then yes you really need to think twice. Not everyone has the budget to get a brand new bike but can surely go for a used one. Whether it is a car or a bike, there are some essential considerations that are to be followed in order to get the right one.

First, let’s see the pros and cons of a used bike:

Second-hand vehicles are not bad always. There are potential advantages and disadvantages of a bike that needs to be discussed before going into further discussion.

The potential advantages are

•    The depreciated value of a second-hand bike is much less than the original price

•    If it is of an older model it’s very easy to repair and maintain.

•    a bike that costs low will have lower insurance expense.

Potential disadvantages of a used bike:

•    The bike has been used before by anyone else.

•    You may not get extensive features that a new bike gets including warranty.

A used motorcycle; image source: the honda shop

After doing comparative research we found out some important considerations that are to be followed to buy a used bike and depicted them. So, here are they:

Check the paperwork

check the paper work; image source: pixabay

First of all, give a check on the paperwork. Most of the time hazard is found while buying a used vehicle. You should go thoroughly with the papers. Make sure the papers of the bike are genuine and valid. The valid and genuine papers have a watermark in them. See if the details of the paper match the details of the bike or not. Have a careful look at the legality of the bike, make sure all the papers that you are checking are legal.

Give a test drive

A test drive; image source: powder keg harley- davidson.

Whether you are buying a bike or a car attest drive is a must to give. A test drive will make you aware of the comfortability of the bike. Moreover, if there is any fault hen that will come out while doing a test drive. 

When you are about to test drive a bike you should drive the bike in both the easy and difficult roads including high ways. One more thing that you should also try is riding the bike in free and busy congested roads. Doing such an activity will help you to know what will you be able to adjust to the bike or not. It will help you to know is the bike able of fast riding or not and how well it operates on different kinds of roads.

Service history

A major thing you should be checking is the service history. Take notes if there were any kind of service previously done or not. A servicing of a second-hand bike is mandatory often. There make sure to take the recent history of service. Inspect is the servicing stamp is real or not.

Be sure to take the master key

the master key of car; image source: youtube

While buying a used bike all the keys should be transferred to you including the master master key I particularly mean the key that is usually red in color. Such keys are unique and cannot be easily replicated. Therefore be sure to take the master key along with you.

Check out previous damages

Old damage; image source: crash protectors.

Check carefully if there was any kind of previous damage .the new technologies as like carbon frame protectors are enough to cover any kind of minor damages occurred. Besides you should also take the information about major damages (if any) most of the time fraudulent people sell the used bikes y covering previous damages.

Be negotiable

Do negotiation; Image source: IMD business school

Everyone has a budget. Never hesitate to negotiate. Negotiations are not wrong but you should charge a fair amount.  Don’t charge too much or too low. Therefore before going into such negotiation do good market research and then go for the right purchase.

From where you should buy a dealer or personal seller?

Nothing is free from the hands of evil so there are restrictions in both the ways as well as advantages. Buying a used bike from a dealer provides some extra benefits such as warranty in some cases and also legal protection under the existing vehicle laws. But if you buy from personal sellers then you will not get such benefits.

a car dealer; image source: practical motoring

On the other hand, expenses may increase due to buying from a dealer that is low if you buy from a private seller. No matter from where you buy be sure to do a perfect checking for legality. Most of the time used motorbikes has underlying legality issues.

Therefore these were the considerations to take accord before buying a used bike.

How To Ride A Bike Safely

Hit the streets with your bike only when you are an expert in it. Riding a bike is one of the most enjoyable ride and good for at the same time.  Therefore it is actually important to know how to ride a bike safely. So we have done competitive research on the considerations that you and I should be following for safe bike ride.

Risky motorcycle riding; Image source: slash gear

Learn driving:

First of all, learn to ride a bike. Riding a bike seems to be very easy but you need to learn first! There are youngsters who out of curiosity want to ride bikes without being properly trained. Besides, there are tips and tricks which will make you a better driver that you must learn or road safety.

Get your license done:

an application for a driving licence; image source: motoring research

Though it is one of the primary steps of driving the reason I am saying this is unlicensed vehicles are mostly faulty vehicles. Faulty vehicles are one of the main reasons for bike accidents. Therefore if the license of your vehicle is done then you have the green card already.

Check your bike:

Bike accidents are increasing day by day and two major reasons are unawareness and faulty vehicle. Before putting our bike on the streets make sure that your vehicle is working properly. Check each and every part with great care. A faulty vehicle is a threat for both the roads and you. Check the break, clutches, seats, engine and so on very carefully. Do not overlook any kind of fault. Make sure your motorcycle is in a good riding condition by :

•    Checking each tyre if there is any kind of bulges cracks or defects or not. Be sure not to have them when its time to ride

•    Lookout for any kind of oil, grease or gas leakage. If so happens then find ways to prevent them.

•    The presence of fluids should be checked on a regularly specifically on a weekly basis.

•    Make sure that the headlights of your bike are fully functioning.

•    Check out the clutch and throttle so that they are working smoothly

•    Clean and adjust the mirror to avoid any kind of upcoming inconvenience

•    Check both the horn and brake very carefully. When you will check the brake it should have a firm feeling. Each and every time you go out with your motorbike to make it obvious to check them. And yes do check your horn if it sounds good or not.

Helmet and protective wear:

Helmet and protective wear; image source: willens law offices

Most of the injuries that are caused due to bike accidents or riding bike are head injuries. Head injuries become very critical if preventive measures are not taken properly. Therefore the best way is to be cautious. While riding a bike it is mandatory to wear a helmet. If you are two persons riding on a bike then both of you should wear helmets. Besides helmets, there are some other protective wears that you should put on as like sunglass or eye protection, hand gloves, etc.

Strictly follow the rules:

traffic rules; image source: wakeup Bangladesh

Traffic rules are the same for all. But the rules may be different from the perspective of a bike rider and a car driver. One major thing to follow is to drive maintain the speed. Controlling the speed of the bike may be different from that of car. If you drive maintaining a speed limit then it will be much easier to stop in case of an emergency. Besides maintain the traffic rules here to stop minimize or maximize speed, where and when to show license. And yes always take the license and legal papers with you. Don’t ride without them.

Ride carefully maintaining defensiveness:

result of not maintaining defensiveness; image source: legendary speed

Always maintain defensiveness. You should always watch after other rides and maintain defensive actions especially in highways, highways are never a road of security. Your security should remain to give yourself. Always try to advance signals and maintain advance actions to aware other vehicles especially before turning.

 Don’t drive drunk:

a consequence of drunk driving; Image source: liggett law group

Driving a bike is sometimes risking your life. Being sober while driving is a mandatory fact. Majority of the drunken driver seem to fall in hazards including severe accidents. Moreover, you should not drive if you are sick or tired. Being tired or sick may lead to driving complicacy.

Therefore these were the important cautionary steps that should be taken to drive a bike safely. Driving a bike is riskier than driving any other vehicle. But if you follow the above considerations then yes you can do it. So, this was how you can ride a bike safely.s

How To Track Your Vehicle

If you have a car and your car isn’t connected to the tracking system then yes you are lagging behind. In this super-fast age, vehicle tracking is as important as buying a vehicle itself. If your car is somehow driven by your family driver on your behalf of you must keep up with tracking services. If you are not around someone else is driving your car then it is very important to keep pace with the location of your car.

vehicle tracking system; image source: youtube

You may not find your stolen car even doing a police case sometimes. Car theft has become so updated and frequent that nowadays tracking your vehicle is a must. Losing such an expensive vehicle is such a loss and financial draining at the same time. Therefore we came up with some of the ways in which you can track your vehicles easily.

Cars or vehicles with GPS

Well, GPS is the global positioning system. This system allows you to track your location anytime, anywhere. Most of the cars nowadays have a built-in global positioning system. Having a GPS based vehicle or car can be termed to have an advanced feature.

As per data, GPS can track the location of various vehicles at a time. A GPS system works smoothly without being wrong. The modern cars or vehicles have a GPS device location tracker that tracks location. The device needs to be connected to software via gsm network. Here you need to install software which will help you to see your exact location of your vehicle.

GPS used in a car; Image source: your mechanic.

How it works

a GPS device is installed in your car has software as well. That software will collect some data as well as some photos of your location to view it to the screen.

How it tracks

The GPS tracking device will collect and process data to the software that is installed through the GSM network. GSM is the global system for mobile communication.

Easy to track your vehicle; Image Source:

If your connection is somehow lost then the data isn’t lost. The data that is collected remains safe in the internal memory of the device. Later on when the network becomes available the collected pictures and information are shown in your computer, mobile or pc whatever method you are using.

Where It is used

The use of such tracking systems is getting popular day by day. Most of the modernize vehicles and developed countries use GPS systems on a regular basis and it is a common phenomenon. Besides personal uses, most of the developed countries and updated industries use such tracking services in their transportation system.

Can I track my Vehicle even if I don’t have a GPS?

According to questions answeredthere are actually ways you can track your vehicle without GPS. As told before most of the modernized vehicles these days have a GPS system. But what if you can’t afford an expensive vehicle having such a feature? What is the way then? As the number of vehicle stealing has increased and not everyone can afford an expensive one, there are ways to help you out.

So, here are some easy ways to track your vehicle even if you don’t have a GPS device installed:

Usage of radio receiver

radio receiver ; image source: video blocks

This is one of the most common and oldest forms of the tracking device. In such a process a transmitter is placed in the vehicle. Her the car or the vehicle is driven the transmitter sends signals to the receiver but without telling the location. Here you need to have a power source.

Identification through radio frequency

RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION orRFID has lesser tags compared to a standard transmitter but a good amount of object can be tagged with the chip. The location can be identified with antenna or radio frequency.

Roadside devices

There is a roadside camera like devices the main job of which is to determine the license of a vehicle. Such roadside devices can effectively track the location of your device.

Road side cameras for checking vehicle licensing; Image Source:

Devices having cellular signals

If you don’t have a built-in GPS system in your car then this is another good way of tracking the location of your device. Here an object is placed in your vehicle which needs not to be installed but can transmit signals. This will effectively tell you the location of your vehicle.

But honestly having a GPS system installed is the best way you can go for. Having a built-in GPS system is being on the safe side.

Cautions Before You Go For A Long Drive

I think a long drive is a pleasure to one and all. If you do research you will see that the majority of the people enjoys going for a long drive. Moreover, some people take it as a sport. But if you want to go for a long drive you must look after some cautionary factors.

Long Drive; Image Source:

Going on a long drive may seem easier but the reality is always a bit different. The black hands of evil are always ready to create a hazard. That is a problem may arise anytime. It is better to remain on the safe side. That is why we have listed some of the factors that are a must to consider before you go for a long drive.

A perfect plan

The moment you decide to go for a long drive start rafting a plan. Planning is the first step to do in almost every kind of work.

making a perfect plan ; image source: pat


a plan is compared to a blueprint of a project. While you go for a long drive plan your trip first then proceed further. You should draft what to take on along with you, where to stop for rest and yes do the map study. Studying the map will save you from upcoming struggle es. Moreover, you can be careful of the upcoming complexity if any.

Make sure your vehicle is safe

Before you go for a long drive or trip make sure your vehicle is safe enough. You should check carefully if there is any kind of fault. Checking your vehicle clearly means to double-check every part of your vehicle. It is better to be on the safe side so that no problem arises while you are on your trip.

Ensure the safety; Image source: acea

You should check out the following:

•    The condition of the tires.  Check if the tyres are okay or not. Take an extra tyre with you and be sure to that tyre also. Tyre emergency may come anytime

•    Check if there is any leakage regarding coolant

•    Check out quantity of coolant

•    Check out other fluid levels

•    Have a look at the windscreen wipers if they are working good.

•    Check the headlights, high beams, etc.

•    The assurance of enough fuel is a must.

Get the servicing of your vehicle

vehicle servicing ;Image source:

Secondly, the thing you should be doing is to get servicing of your vehicle. The one on which you are going to ride needs to be fit first. First of all, you should check your vehicle if there is any faulty side. After checking if any faulty side is discovered then immediately get it fixed.

A proper road check

The next thing you should be doing is to make a proper road check. You should study the map very carefully. Studying the map at first will make you aware of the up comings. Besides the other things which you should be looking at while road check

The next thing you should be doing is to make a proper road check; Image Source: Safewise

•    The timing of sunset and sunrise and the probable tracking of the area that you might be crossing at that time.  Make a draft where the roads are tough.

•    While driving you must be aware of cattle and other animals.

•    Take care about the visibility of your headlight in the darkness.

•    Do a careful study of any kind of holes and other obstructions.

Take necessities along with you

First of all when you are making a plan to make a list of the necessary things that are the daily necessities of a trip. Along with your daily essentials take a look at the accessories of car or bike. Missing any important accessory may cost you much. Take spare wheels, fire extinguisher and so on. On the other hand essentials like water, food lighter, rope, matches, etc are varied person to person.

Take everything you need; Image Source: RAC

What if the foot brake fails?

It is very much important to know that what should you do if you footbrake fails somehow. Failure of footbrake is one of the most dangerous things that can happen with your car. If so happens, you should switch to hand brake by gradually increasing the pressure. A sudden pressure may create a hazard. Switch to a lower gear and immediately use flash and horn to make other drivers aware of it.

Vehicle tracking

Gps tracking; image source:123rf

These days vehicle tracking has become a must to have! Having a device or GPS system in your vehicle will make your trip a thousand times better. If you have a tracking system you can detect location easily and it will also solve the problem of getting lost in the path.

So, these were the important considerations that you should be cautious about while going for a long drive.